5 Reasons Your Board Admin Will LOVE Boardable

Every role on a nonprofit board of directors is important. The board chair gives direction, the treasurer keeps tabs on finances, the other members offer insight. However, the board administrator or secretary arguably has the most tasks to accomplish before and after each meeting. Boardable software was designed by nonprofit leaders to make the board admin job easier.

5 reasons board secretaries love boardable

Five reasons your board admin will be glad you use Boardable:

  1. Meeting planning is a breeze. No more emailing back and forth or using a third-party tool to find the best date and time. We built the Scheduling Tool to offer all meeting attendees a variety of options to vote on. Once the board admin collects the responses, he or she can easily pick a date and time that work best.
  2. Communication is easier than ever. Board admins organize users by group, and send specific messages, documents, and meeting details to only the pertinent people. Struggling to remember who is on which committee is a waste of time that your admin will be ecstatic to do without. Furthermore, between meetings, members of a group can have discussions, take polls or vote, and assign tasks within their team.
  3. Meeting prep in Boardable takes minutes, not hours. Once the time and date for a meeting is set, a board admin can quickly make an agenda. He or she can use a template for a recurring meeting, or build a custom agenda. The Agenda Builder tool has a built-in outline structure. The board admin can simply enter discussion topics and be done with the agenda in minutes.
  4. Taking meeting minutes is no longer a chore. By simply pulling up the meeting agenda, a board admin can instantly turn it into the Minutes Maker and enter details of the discussion with each agenda item. Additionally, they can assign tasks with due dates, designate votes, and record statements. The minutes will stay associated with their meeting and group for easy access later.
  5. Overall governance organization is effortless. Tasks that used to take your board admin hours each month are built into Boardable’s software. People are organized into an infinite number of groups. Each group has its own documents and discussions. Every meeting is sorted by group. All the information needed to run your nonprofit is a few clicks away.

If your board has struggled with communication, engagement, and accountability, start a free trial of Boardable to see how it helps. Your board admin will be amazed at the time savings and convenience! A better board experience for everyone is only a few clicks away.

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