5 Last-Minute Ways to Boost Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a blessing and a burden for many nonprofits. Of course, we are grateful that a philanthropy holiday is breaking through in our culture. On the other hand, it has gotten SO popular that there is a lot of noise to break through for your fundraising to be successful. Hopefully, you’ve been planning your Giving Tuesday campaigns for quite a while, but that doesn’t mean there are things you can do to boost it!

5 Last-Minute Ways to Boost Giving Tuesday

Whether you are planning a live event, an email campaign, or a social media fundraising drive, there are ways you can give one last push. Enlist your board members, staff, volunteers, and supporters to help you make the most of these last few days.

5 Last Minute Giving Tuesday Ideas to Boost Your Nonprofit Fundraising Each Year

Send your board members one more reminder.

Even if you’ve sent out the initial plan, talked about it in a meeting, and emailed an update, it is worth sending one more reminder. Research shows that people need at least three or four reminders for optimum efficacy. This is especially true of your busy, volunteer board of directors. Your board members can help by circulating the campaign in their social media, making a phone call or two, or forwarding your emails.

Be sure to document Giving Tuesday itself at your organization.

Whether you have a special programming event or a social gathering as part of your Giving Tuesday campaign, be sure to document it in real-time. This is helpful for a variety of reasons. Posting live updates on your social media, even if it isn’t something you’d normally share, generates a feeling of “FOMO” (fear of missing out) that just might inspire some last-minute donations. Documenting the day is also helpful for the next tip.

Maximize your Giving Tuesday reflections.

There are the opportunities you create on Giving Tuesday, but don’t neglect the possibilities of using “reflection content.” You can send out an email or do social media posts in the day or so afterwards in a variety of ways. Leverage your coverage of the campaigns to do “It’s not too late” or “You can still join in” messaging. By extending your Giving Tuesday a bit, you give those well-meaning would-be donors another chance to contribute. Just be sure to make it specific and well-defined. You don’t want to be soliciting people a week later.

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Keep an improvement log for next year.

It is easy to get so wrapped up in the execution of your Giving Tuesday campaign that you forget to think about how it’s actually going. Next year, would you get started sooner? Maybe you thought of a great sponsor for next time? Open a quick document and throw your running observations from this year’s effort to improve on the next Giving Tuesday. You will be glad you took the time to record these thoughts, because otherwise they might float right out of your head by Wednesday.

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Observe your fellow nonprofits on Giving Tuesday.

This is a great opportunity to do some note-taking of what looks to be working for other nonprofits. Especially look at nonprofits that complement your mission, not those in direct competition with yours. You can then recycle some of their techniques without going toe-to-toes with organizations in your same pool. Better yet, look out for other nonprofits you could collaborate with in the future. Whether it is co-sponsoring a podcast, organizing an event together, or just sharing blog content, amplifying your work with another organization is a smart bet. You just might come up with some ideas that blow Giving Tuesday returns away!

Think Outside the Giving Tuesday Box

A big part of Giving Tuesday success has to do with making it work for your organization. If your donors aren’t interested in social media contests or giveaways, don’t waste your energy there. Maybe your donors respond really well to direct mailings. Consider a Giving Tuesday push instead of an end-of-year push. Finally, if you haven’t had much luck with Giving Tuesday, but have great results elsewhere, don’t feel that you have to participate. There is nothing wrong with deciding some trends aren’t worth the effort.

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