EBOOK DOWNLOAD: Addressing Diversity and Inclusion on Nonprofit Boards

You value diversity and inclusion in your life and see the benefits it can have on your organization. But it can be hard to address it within your board. We’ve got you covered with this thoughtful guide by Dr. Joynicole Martinez on addressing diversity and inclusion within your nonprofit boards!

While those in the nonprofit world are often on the frontlines of driving diversity-based projects in many communities, the actual composition of a nonprofit board itself is a different story. If your team, like many organizations across the nation and the world, are looking for ways to address the lack of diversity on your nonprofit board, this resource can help.

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Diversity and inclusion on a nonprofit board of directors requires time and effort.

Here are the nonprofit board diversity and inclusion topics covered in this guide:

  • How do nonprofit boards recognize the need for inclusion on a board?
  • Why is diversity necessary in the nonprofit world?
  • Actionable steps nonprofit boards can take to increase diversity and inclusion down the road.

This comprehensive guide lays out everything you need to know to honor the knowledge, background, and perspectives of more voices in your community. Please feel free to share this ebook with your board, nonprofit colleagues, or anyone you think could use the information within. Keep up the great work!

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