Plan Meetings Quickly With Boardable’s New Agenda Builder
Part of Product Release 2.9

Preparing for a board meeting includes a variety of tasks that can be very time consuming. The list of “to-do” items includes (but of course is not limited to) finding a date that works, determining a location for the meeting, communicating details to all of the invitees, and creating an agenda to make the time worthwhile. The good news is that our Boardable Meetings Center now allows you to access and accomplish each of those to-do tasks right in one place!

That’s right, in addition to the time-saving board-meeting “Scheduler” tool, Boardable’s Meeting Center now includes an Agenda Builder. New with our latest product update, Boardable’s Agenda Builder tool enables you to build meeting agendas right inside the product. You can even save these meeting agendas as templates to reuse for future meetings. Better still, you are able to conveniently share them directly with invitees from within the tool as both landing pages AND as downloadable PDFs.

See Inside Boardable’s Agenda Builder

Here is how to access and get started using our new Agenda Builder tool: After you create your meeting inside the Meetings Center, you can build an agenda by adding items (as seen in the screenshot below). Alternatively, you have the option to select one of three default templates we have provided within the tool, or you can use a saved template from a previous meeting.

begin to build an agenda in Boardable.
As you add items to your agenda, you can assign them to a specific board member, assign a time duration, add a description, and even attach documents.

Agenda Builder Fields - Boardable

Share Agendas and Save Them As Templates

After you save your board meeting agenda, you can view and then share it as its own landing page or as a PDF. Boardable pulls in your logo and meeting details for the PDF that you can then send out to attendees prior to the board meeting.

In addition to being able to access those three default agenda templates we’ve provided, once you have created an agenda you’re happy with, you are able to save that meeting agenda as a template to reuse for your next meeting.

Use Meeting Agendas to Improve Board Engagement

During the meeting, each board member has the option to take personal notes right on the agenda document. Taking personal notes during the meeting ensures that board members are engaged and know exactly what they need to do before the next meeting.

Boardable board meeting agenda builder feature.

Even More New Features In Product Update 2.9

Along with the new Agenda Builder feature within Meetings Center, Boardable’s latest 2.9 Release includes some additional new functionality, including enhancements to our meetings RSVP feature, the ability to add a due date to Polls, and some updates to the engagement information shared in our People Directory feature. Updates were also made to our search functionality, which now includes being able to see and search based on the recent timestamp for all uploaded documents. Click here to read the full Boardable 2.9 release notes.

Need Help Building Board Meeting Agendas?

Check out this recent webinar where board governance consultant Kim Donahue coaches us on best practices for creating effective board meeting agendas and gives us a demo of how Boardable’s new Agenda Builder tool works.

Watch this 30-minute webinar in order to:

  • Find out how your board’s current agenda template stacks up against best practices.
  • Learn how to build a better agenda to improve board effectiveness.
  • Put your new knowledge to work immediately with downloadable agenda templates and Boardable’s in-product Agenda Builder.

And learn even more from Kim Donahue in this post on building effective board meeting agendas.

Meeting Agenda Templates Anyone Can Use

Not a Boardable user? Well, check out these Agenda Templates you can use as a stating to point to build out your next board meeting agenda:


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