Tech Future: Board Self-Assessment Tools

Today’s donors have so many ways to give. Some fund micro projects— short-term campaigns to fund a certain goal or a specific individual. Many more support their friends’ causes through social media. There are plenty of crowdfunded projects to boost, as well as established organizations. How can a nonprofit stay out in front and ensure its enduring success? While there’s no simple answer, adopting board self-assessment tools and technology can supercharge a nonprofit’s performance.

Do Most Nonprofits Use Board Assessment Tools?

Just over half of organizations use self-assessment tools to evaluate their board’s efforts. To candidly ask “How can we improve?” is sometimes a scary thought. However, it is crucial to any board’s growth. Traditionally, this was done with a cumbersome combination of paper and people. That is all changing now.

nonprofit self-assessment tools

As the tools evolve, more nonprofits are likely to use them. They appeal to boards because they guide an effective process without becoming a paperwork exercise, or taking too much valuable time. Results of a self-assessment can be invaluable in recruiting new board members, applying for funding, and marketing programs to the community.

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What’s New About Board Self-Assessment Tools?

When leaders leverage modern technology, a board may:

  • Efficiently set up a paperless system of surveys and evaluations
  • Work on the directors’ preferred devices
  • Automate the analysis to be calculated in a matter of minutes
  • Communicate and discuss the results together
  • Easily prepare new surveys in the future

Board assessment tools are better than ever at helping directors assess their interactions, their leadership styles, and their forward motion. With more convenient and effective assessment tools, nonprofits can identify strengths and weaknesses. This isn’t something a nonprofit can afford to leave on the table, if they want to be competitive. For a comprehensive list of digital self-assessments check unbiased resources like BoardSource or the National Council of Nonprofits.

How Can Self-Assessment Tools Set Future Members Up for Success?

A board member often serves only for a few years. Online tools help make records and benchmarks clear when new directors begin their terms. The results can help directors collaborate effectively and achieve a collective “personal best” in carrying out the organization’s mission. You may even want to consider a board member scoreboard, to make a friendly competition around improving metrics.

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Good self-evaluation can highlight minor problems before they become big ones. And that sustains nonprofit success. Be sure to compare results in all areas of board member service at regular intervals so you can catch patterns before they get worse.

A vast range of social networks are working for good. Nonprofit leaders need to streamline their processes to compete. If you think it’s time to put board assessment tools to the test.

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