Board Meeting Agenda Templates Anyone Can Use

Meeting Agenda Templates Anyone Can Use

We’ve all been there. A meeting that should have lasted an hour inched toward the 90-minute mark and then dragged past two hours. Even worse, the meeting group didn’t accomplish anything significant, and people left without clarity on key decisions or forward-looking action items.

Check out these Agenda Templates you can use as a starting point to better build out your next board meeting agenda. Click on the icons to open:


How An Agenda Can Contribute to a Great Meeting

Sharing the agenda ahead of a meeting lets board members know how to prepare to contribute at the meeting. Effective agendas give board members some detail about the discussion items, a provocative question or two to consider, and/or include some part of the strategic plan to review. Furthermore, attaching committee reports and minutes will shorten the time you have to spend on the routine things.

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More Agenda Building Advice

For organizations with limited resources and volunteer board members, effective meetings are critical. As we know, every good meeting starts with a good meeting agenda. Below, board governance coach and facilitator Kim Donahue shares her thoughts on what makes a good board meeting agenda. Also, learn how your organization can increase effectiveness through a bit of simple planning.

Check out this 30-minute webinar where Boardable’s VP of Operations, Ashly Myers, interviews Kim Donahue on best practices for building effective board meeting agendas. They also give us a demo of how Boardable’s new Agenda Builder tool works.


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