Board Meeting Participation Tools from Boardable

You have prepared a great agenda, gotten everyone in the same room, and provided the needed documents to your attendees. The stage is set for a productive meeting. How do you make sure everyone participates actively and makes the most of the time? Boardable designed software tools specifically for board meeting participation, and we think you’ll find they enhance your engagement and efficiency.

Increase and Enhance Your Board Meeting Participation

Document As You Go

One of the less glamorous but crucially important aspects of meeting participation is documenting it. You already planned your meeting with Agenda Builder, which makes taking minutes a breeze. Simply open up the agenda, and choose “Take Minutes.” The agenda instantly transforms into the Minutes Maker a framework for recording the discussion, tasks, and decisions associated with each meeting point. When you’re done, you can publish the minutes and have a record for all stakeholders. Email it or save it in your Document Center for reference. It will also stay associated to the meeting details in the Meetings Center.


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Increase Meeting Accountability

Have you ever sat in a meeting and everyone is offering to follow up on things, but it somehow never ends up happening? Most people mean it when they offer, but without some method of accountability, nothing gets done. With the Task Manager, there is no more ambiguity about who is assigned what, and by when. During the meeting, as discussions unfold and tasks are outlined, they are recorded in the minutes and saved to each individual’s account. They can see them on their Boardable dashboard every time they log in. They are also attached to the meeting, so everyone knows what was designated at a specific gathering.

Let’s Take A Poll

Whether you have a difficult topic to vote on, or you want to ask a silly poll question to mix up the meeting, the Poll / Voting feature has limitless possibilities. You can set the poll to “anonymous” if you want to ask for honest feedback. Send a poll question for a vote, if you have remote attendees and want a record of votes. Additionally, you can take a look at past polls or any open ones on your dashboard.


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Members Only

You don’t want to be accidentally sending polls, tasks, etc. to everyone on your board, if they really only pertain to an executive committee. The Groups feature in the Boardable app make it easy to send specific things to exactly the right people. Each person can be in any number of groups and only receive the information pertinent to each group. Not only does this feature keep communication clear, but members of each group can easily see everyone’s profile pics and get to know each other quickly. Nothing improves meeting participation like rapport.

Board Engagement Through Meeting Participation

At the end of the day, you can have the best ideas and plans in the world, but if your board isn’t participating, they do no good. By using these Boardable tools to increase meeting productivity and engagement, you will keep your board participating actively. Your board members (and the mission) will thank you.

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