The 5 Board Meeting Documents You Need at Every Session

Your board only meets occasionally, so you need to make the most of every session. However, it is very difficult to make decisions without information readily available. Having some board meeting documents on hand for each session will ensure your board is as productive as possible. Furthermore, it will allow you to make the best decisions for your organization. While you do need to have some information available, you also need to identify the most important data and details. Sifting through a landslide of paper to find an important statistic or figure is a waste of time. Possibly, it’s more frustrating than starting without any paperwork at all!

board meeting preparation documents for nonprofit board of directors

5 Board Meeting Documents That Should be Available at Every Session

An agenda

Ideally, this will be created and distributed via email in advance. Essentially, each member needs a list of what will be discussed so that they can prepare both remarks and questions. Your meetings will be far more productive if your team has a chance to formulate ideas and prepare additional information required for the session.

Governing documents

If you need to settle a dispute, or reach out for guidance, a copy of these important details will help ensure you stay on track. Have governing details on hand to refer to any time you meet. Chances are you will not need them every time, but you won’t have to waste time finding board meeting documents.

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Financial reports

Up-to-date reporting on your regular finances and cash flow makes it easy for the board to make informed decisions. A broad look at finances can and should be presented to the board. However, having details on paper that can easily be referred to is a must as well.

Calendar of upcoming events

Board members should be able to see at a glance what is coming up in their board meeting documents. Moreover, this allows them to allocate time and resources. Having a calendar that lists all upcoming events ensures you are prepared and that every topic makes it to the agenda. A calendar also prevents surprises and gives your members a chance to buy in to the initiatives they are most interested in.

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Important correspondence

From donor letters to shareholder communications, your board should receive copies of your most important emails and letters. This allows everyone to see where you stand at a glance. These board meeting documents can open up important decisions into strategy for your board.

Everyone Appreciates Organized Board Meeting Documents

Having the paperwork and documents your board needs is an essential part of meeting success. When your board can easily access the information they need to make wise decisions, it is easier for all involved to move forward. Missing any of these critical board meeting documents can lead to wasted time non-productive meeting for members. Be prepared, and your board will thank you!

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