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Board Meeting Preparation Tools from Boardable

Anyone who has planned a meeting of any size understands the logistical challenge of working with a busy group of people. Nonprofits feel this pain more than anyone, because their meeting participants generally have a full-time career in addition to their volunteering life.

When planning your meeting, the top challenges are:

  • Finding a meeting time that works for the maximum number of attendees.
  • Reminding attendees of the details clearly and effectively.
  • Providing adequate (but not too much) prep material for meeting attendees.

We address all of these priorities using software tools we designed specifically for meeting preparation. (RELATED: Mission Critical: Board Meeting Attendance)

How Boardable Streamlines Meeting Preparation

Scheduling the Meeting in A Single Email

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a meeting is just finding a time that works best for all the invitees. Busy work and family schedules make lining up even an hour when everyone is free extremely difficult. Rather than sending a hundred “What about this time?” emails back and forth to the group, you can use the Meeting Scheduler tool to quickly pick the best option.

Meeting Scheduler pick a date

Pick as many times as you want to propose. The meeting members will receive one email with the options, as well as see them on their dashboard when they log into the Boardable app. They can tick a box for all the time slots they are available. You will be notified when everyone has responded, and can then pick the best time for the most people.

Meeting Details Made Clear

If you are on a nonprofit board and multiple committees, keeping track of all the meeting times and places can be a nightmare. Using the Boardable Meeting Center, users can easily see a summary of all their upcoming meetings, with date and time. Clicking on the individual meeting shows the location, attendee list, agenda, and related documents. Meeting times are easily integrated with personal calendars, so everyone knows when to be where. As with all Boardable features, a member of multiple nonprofits that use Boardable software can toggle between their organizations to see all their meeting info. Additionally, these calendars integrate with personal calendars, making attendance a cinch.

Meeting Preparation Material

When designing our meeting preparation features, we heard from many nonprofits who struggled with haphazard meeting planning. Sending someone an agenda or budget often meant digging through a subfolder mess on Google Docs or hunting through an email chain for the most recent minutes. Streamlining this process is a must, if board members are expected to be prepared for each meeting.

No one is more impacted by meeting preparation than the board secretary or administrator. Preparing and circulating an agenda used to be a tedious task. We created the Agenda Builder to increase meeting efficiency, while saving time for the secretary. Each agenda can be built from scratch, or copied from a similar previous meeting. The admin simply enters meeting items in an outline format. A meeting attendee and time estimate is assigned to each item. Once the agenda is circulated, attendees know exactly which agenda items they are responsible for, and how much time they are allotted. The agenda’s usefulness doesn’t end when the meeting commences. The agenda built in Boardable converts to a Minutes Maker tool, recording the meeting live.

Agenda Builder add items

Along with the agenda, the meeting admin can attach any supporting documents to the meeting details. Meeting participants have a one-stop-shop in the Meeting Center for the meeting date and time, the agenda, any budgets or other documents, meeting attendee list, and comments.

Try Boardable for Yourself

If you have ever struggled to plan a meeting and prepare all the needed documents, do yourself a favor and try it with help from software. Get started now with a free trial, and see how easy it is to create a meeting and agenda. Once you have accomplished in a few minutes what used to take you an hour or more, you will be ready to see what else Boardable has to offer!

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