Boardable Serves Boards Around the World

Thirteen countries and counting!

When we started Boardable back in 2016, our focus was on serving U.S. nonprofit organizations. As a matter of fact, the seeds for Boardable were planted right within our own community, when the local United Way of Central Indiana came to us seeking a solution to the communication woes that came from having a large board of over 400 board and committee members.

So imagine how exciting it was for us when we recently had a customer sign up from Botswana. And not long before that, New Zealand, Hong Kong, England, Australia, and Portugal. Lo and behold, less than two years after launching, Boardable now serves boards in 13 different countries outside of the U.S.and we are adding new countries regularly.

Having a global reach wasn’t something we really thought about when we started the company. But it has been a real delight to have so many international customers come our way.

Serving a nonprofit across the globe begins to open my eyes to the challenges and problems they are looking to solve. It connects me to their service and increases my empathy for the people they are serving. I love looking at their websites and seeing what problems they are solving in their communities. Knowing that our product is helping their organization work more efficiently brings a smile to my face.

This experience speaks to the quiet but powerful work that global trade does. It connects people that would normally never have a reason to meet or interact. It builds awareness and empathy. There are many that see global trade as a threat, but my experience is very different: I see it as a bridge builder.

And to our global customers I say, Ola! Bonjour! Hola! Cheers! 你好! Thank you for trusting Boardable with your board experience.

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