Boardable Features to Use Today for Your Board Meeting Tomorrow

As a board executive, you need tools that help streamline the management of your board and increase board engagement. Boardable is a robust software that was designed by nonprofit board members. It’s filled with features that you can use today to make your next board meeting more productive, while still making sure that all of your board members are engaged. Below the app demo are four Boardable features you can use right now to make tomorrow’s board meeting better!

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Boardable Features

1. Meetings Center

Within the Meetings Center, you’ll find every feature you need to streamline the scheduling of meetings. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily propose meeting times and get a summary of responsesall without a single telephone call or email.



Everyone on your board has other responsibilities that pull them in different directions. Make it easy for them to keep track of upcoming meetings. They’ll be able to see the meeting’s agenda, vote on any applicable polls, look over the minutes from past meetings and lots more.

Boardable software easily integrates with today’s most popular calendars including iCalendar, Google Calendar and Outlook. This feature instantly updates your board members’ calendars so there’s never any confusion about a change.

2. Agenda Builder

The built-in Agenda Builder within the Boardable features puts the power of your board’s agenda in your hands. Choose to start an agenda from scratch or use a template that you can then easily customize to suit the needs of your non-profit. When you’re finished, you’ll have a dynamic and professional PDF that can be easily sent to everyone who’s attending with a single click.


Once your board meeting accesses the agenda, they can write notes that only they can see and reference at a later date. Boardable makes it easy for board members to pen reminders and other notes during meetings so they can access them afterward.

3. Document Center

Nonprofit boards must organize reams of documentation that must also be easily accessible when needed. Here Boardable’s Document Center feature provides a central location that makes this type of organization both simple and intuitive. Once you load all the documents in, you can easily control who gets to see what. You’ll alleviate having to rely on pesky emailsand their attachmentsto keep track of documents.

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Collaboration is the backbone of any well-functioning board and the Document Center makes it easy to do so. By integrating with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive with Boardable features, your board can easily collaborate, attach relevant files to agendas and meetings and more.

4. Unlimited Groups

Committee and team creation is a snap with the Unlimited Groups in Boardable software features. Organize members into the teams and groups that provide them with details that only they need to know. It will streamline everyone’s lives while still allowing each member to note their membership at a glance.

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Want to know how your nonprofit board of directors and your staff can be more productive and efficient through the use of technology? Boardable offers affordable monthly and annual software subscriptions that will change the way your board members interact with one another. Sign up today for a free trial or demo and discover how simple board management really can be.

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