[VIDEO] How to Use Boardable Meetings with Video (Beta)

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Boardable Meetings with Video gives nonprofit organizations the tools needed to have more fun, focused, and productive meetings whether you’re meeting remotely or face-to-face.

How to Use Boardable Meetings with Video

Watch a two-minute video on how to get started with Boardable meetings w/ video


In this video, we cover how to join Boardable’s Virtual Boardroom to use video conferencing and access the built-in meeting Agenda. We also cover how to view and share meeting files, along with a few helpful tools to boost meeting participation.

Virtual and in-person meetings can be frustrating. It can take hours to organize and prepare for a meeting, there’s logistical concerns like making sure everyone receives the meeting invitation and is able to attend, and then there’s the actual meeting where technical issues arise, and you have to jump between multiple tools and browsers to view and share meeting materials. This has taken the fun out of serving a nonprofit completely.

Boardable Meetings with Video takes the focus off the logistics and gives you the tools needed to have more fun, focused and productive meetings, whether they are virtual, in-person, or a combination of the two. You can look forward to working with your board, staff, and committee members, bringing back the excitement of achieving your nonprofit’s mission and objectives again.

You’re invited to be the first to try Boardable Meetings with Video for free and share feedback on how to make it better. By participating in the beta test of Boardable Meetings with Video, you’ll get access to the Virtual Boardroom which includes:

Built-In Meeting Agenda

Agenda visible during meetings to help participants focus on meeting objectives without distractions.

Meeting Files

Relevant meeting files are accessible in the Virtual Boardroom. Allowing you to quickly find relevant meeting documents without jumping between browsers.

Video Conference Capability

Join meetings through video conferencing and keep everyone on the same page (literally) by following along during the meeting viewing the agenda, the meeting presenter’s screen, and documents in real-time.

*16 meeting attendees maximum

Raise Hand, Chat, and Screen-Sharing

Contribute to meetings no matter where you are and participate just as if you were meeting in-person.

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