[VIDEO] How the Boardable Mobile App Changes Board Membership

Before your board of directors started using Boardable, you likely experienced the dreaded “envelope tearing moment” at the start of your meetings. This is when everyone sits down at the board table, and you hear the board book that was prepared and mailed out weeks ago being opened for the first time by some board members. They haven’t read the agenda yet. Not a single document has been reviewed. Perhaps they barely knew where the meeting was and got there just as it started. The Boardable mobile app can end that forever…


4 Benefits of Using Boardable’s Mobile App

1. Removing Barriers to Board Meeting Preparation

What is the best way to help board members prepare for a board meeting? Remove all the barriers to engagement. With the new Boardable mobile app, attendees can glance at their phone while in line at Starbucks, and RSVP to the meeting, scan over their list of tasks, and answer any poll questions.

Within the Boardable mobile app, each meeting has a clearly displayed time, date, and location. Never again will your board members have to hunt through emails to find the meeting details. What’s more, each meeting also has the relevant agenda and documents associated with it. Board members can easily scan what is on the agenda, and begin to think about what they want to research more before the meeting.

2. Improving the Board Member Experience

Are some of your board members on more than one board? They can easily toggle between organizations that use Boardable and see all their upcoming meeting details in the app. They can also look up the contact information of other board members in the People Directory for hassle-free collaboration. Because Boardable allows organization by Groups, a general board member is never overwhelmed with information for committees and groups they don’t work with. By streamlining the board member experience, you encourage board members to be more active and committed to their board service.

3. Accessibility Increases Engagement

Having a mobile app has a number of implications for your organization. Not only are you able to attract more progressive potential board members with a modern operational system, you can also expect greater involvement from current board members. Boardable administrators can send their board members a poll question about where to meet and ask about a range of dates in the Scheduling Tool, and a whole group of busy people can plan a meeting in a few clicks.

Now that scheduling a meeting is a snap, look for board members to show up to meetings more prepared than ever. Sitting in a carpool line, they can review a document for the meeting. They make the phone calls and intros they committed to in the last meeting as they’re reminded of tasks that are due with just a glance at their phone. Thanks to the Boardable mobile app, board members have the ability to be more engaged than ever.

4. The Sky Is(n’t) the Limit

Another great feature of Boardable’s mobile app is offline document reviewing ability. You can check last meeting’s minutes while you’re on an airplane, in areas with no wifi, or on the road (not driving!). Board engagement is so easy with a mobile app, your board members will look forward to prepping for meetings!

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If you haven’t downloaded the Boardable mobile app yet, simply visit the App Store or Google Play to download it. (Note: you must have a Boardable account to use the app.)

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We look forward to making tools that help your organization be more effective than ever. Keep up the great work!


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