Boardable Participates in Indy Tech Gives Event

Here at Boardable, we like to think of ourselves as nonprofit superheroes. Nonprofit portal staff by day, nonprofit board members by night! It is because of this commitment to philanthropy that the company got involved in a local initiative called “Indy Tech Gives.”

Boardable Participates in Indy Tech Gives

Boardable CEO Jeb Banner was intrigued by the concept of the tech community showing support for organizations in the area. As a growing tech hub, Indianapolis is at an interesting crossroads of innovation and connection. OneCause, a local nonprofit donor management software company saw the potential for showing the tech community’s involvement in the city. Jeb knew Boardable would make a natural participant.

“We love the idea of engaging the tech community to get more connected to the nonprofit sector, especially since we are a nonprofit tech company, and we had great confidence in OneCause to do it right. Also, we want to engage our team in philanthropy which this enables.” – Jeb Banner

A Long-time Partner

Each participating tech company was asked to designate a nonprofit to receive the funds they raise. For Jeb and Boardable, the choice was easy. The company selected their very first nonprofit customer, the United Way of Central Indiana. Before Boardable, Jeb was working with UWCI on a website at SmallBox, a marketing firm he founded. A recurring theme in their discussions was UWCI’s need for a better way to manage their board of directors. Boardable came out of the search for a solution. After years of working together, Jeb eventually joined the UWCI board.

united way of central indiana is Boardable beneficiary in Indy Tech Gives campaign

“I serve on United Way’s board and they were also part of the inspiration for the original idea behind Boardable. So it seemed like a great fit all around. Also, we strongly support their mission to eradicate generational poverty in central Indiana.”

Fundraising at a For-Profit and a Nonprofit

Boardable’s individual employees have fundraising goals for Indy Tech Gives. The company decided to match any individual donations made on Friday, August 23 to help the team meet their $2,000 goal for UWCI over six weeks. Boardable and CEO Jeb Banner have been doing a lot of for-profit fundraising, too. As a startup, the company is pursuing an A-series round of funding. These two types of “fundraising” are very different, but also have similarities.

Asked about how he finds nonprofit fundraising, Jeb says:

“Challenging sometimes, to be honest. I am uncomfortable asking people to do things. It feels like asking for a favor. But it’s the right time to call in some favors. When I’m raising money for the company, it’s different. I feel confident that the investment they put into Boardable will grow many times over for them as we continue to grow. I think they both require storytelling to be effective. As much as we would like to think otherwise, we make decisions based mostly on what we feel– not reason. So in both instances an effective “pitch” must tell a compelling story and, if possible, help them see their lives being improved by being a part of that story.” 

A Lesson in Itself

Participating in Indy Tech Gives is a win-win for Boardable. Besides supporting an important charity, the Boardable team gets an added reminder of the challenges our customers face. Staying connected to nonprofits individually and as a team informs future feature decisions, content we make, and more.

If you’d like to help Team Boardable raise money for United Way of Central Indiana and their important work in the community, visit our fundraising page here.

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