[VIDEO] How to Use the Multi-Day or Recurring Meeting Function

Boardable’s meeting planning features were designed to save board administrators time by streamlining the process of board meeting organization. Using the scheduler tool, you can easily pick a date for a group of people. Create a meeting agenda with Agenda Builder and use the same agenda to take minutes with the Minutes Maker. However, we began to hear feedback that many administrators wanted to be able to plan multi-day or recurring meetings. Here are the basics of the new Multi-Day and Recurring Meeting feature.

How the Features Work

We created a five-minute video illustrating how to use the Multi-Day and Recurring Meeting features.



The Basics of Multi-Day and Recurring Meeting Planning

If you have a standing meeting that you’d like to plan once and not have to redo each time, the recurring meeting capability is for you. Simply click on “Create New Meeting” and select the “Recurring Meeting” tab. You will have the option of deciding when and how often the meeting should repeat. If you need to change the time of an individual meeting, you can edit the details of that particular one as it gets closer.

You can create an agenda and attach whatever standard documents you will need for this meeting, and the material will follow each occurrence of that meeting. The same is true for the invitees and tasks or polls. No need to recreate the wheel every time you have the same meeting!

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The Multi-Day Meeting feature is simple to use, and ideal for conferences, retreats, off-site meetings, workshops, or any other event that spans more than one day. You create these meetings just like any other new meeting, but now there is the option of selecting an end time on a subsequent day of the start time. If you have any issues with these features, don’t hesitate to use the in-product support chat with one of our specialists, or visit the Help Desk for more information.

Click below to watch a five-minute instructional video on the Multi-Day and Recurring Meeting feature.


Watch How-To Video


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