Boardable vs. Sharepoint and Google: Why Us?

There are lots of free options out there for communicating with a group of people, such as a board of directors. We all have email. All of our email providers have some form of document storage now. And it’s FREE! Why would a nonprofit board of directors pay for a software portal? There are important reasons why Boardable is the superior solution for nonprofit boards.

boardable nonprofit software versus sharepoint or google

Why Boardable?

Diverse Email Addresses

We all know that one board member who still uses an AOL email address, right? There’s usually another board member who has a highly secure work email address, full of legal disclaimers and warnings in the footer. Then, the rest of us have a Gmail or Microsoft address. Any document or calendar sharing that uses email as a united access point requires that the whole board uses the same email provider. Not only is that inconvenient for members who use other providers at work or otherwise, it sets the stage for poor follow-through. Sure, I could set up a secondary email to use for my board’s chosen platform, but how often am I going to check it? What if I miss important communication in the days between? Using a system that requires a specific email provider is not effective in the long run.

Too Many Features or Not Enough?

Nonprofit board members should come from a variety of backgrounds in order to be as diverse as possible. While this makes for great ideas, development opportunities, and professional expertise, it also means a wide range of tech ability. It isn’t simple to set up a complex network of shared documents, drives, and calendars using Google or Microsoft, let alone get all your users to find them. Over time, it becomes an overwhelming web of permissions, links, and search functions to perform the most basic tasks. Many board members who don’t work with digital tools every day or who usually have an assistant to help them will be put off by cumbersome digital duct tape.

On the other hand, you need enough functionality to be able to perform your routine board management easily. Younger or more tech-savvy board members might judge a nonprofit’s professionalism by the quality of their use of tech. Keeping things too rudimentary shows a lack of progressiveness. Strike a balance with a central portal like Boardable that accomplishes everything a digital native expects, without being overwhelming to a typical user.

Investment of Resources

Google products have one major selling point to nonprofits: they’re free. However, in the long term, that is misleading. In order to use them effectively, someone on your staff is going to have to invest a significant amount of time not only setting everything up, but also in ongoing maintenance. Many organizations even end up paying a consultant to maximize platforms like Sharepoint for them. Then, there is the time required by each individual board member to learn how to use the various tools, as well as navigate the maze of information.

One advantage to Boardable that our customers cite again and again is the ability of new users to log in and immediately access the information they need. Furthermore, the administrator of the account can divide users into “Groups” to see meetings and information relevant to their role in the organization. Maybe you have a user who is only a volunteer on a gala planning committee. They don’t need (or want!) to access the organizational governance documents. You can adjust their settings to only see gala planning information. This both protects the organization’s security, as well as simplifies life for the gala volunteer. A great board member experience hinges on accessibility and efficiency.

Pay Just For What You Need

At the end of the day, the affordable pricing of software like Boardable makes the most sense for a nonprofit board because it was designed precisely for a board. By helping your board members do their important work more effectively, you will improve the board member experience. A great board experience leads to a more engaged board and even more impact. Your mission can’t afford for you to waste time chasing documents and training people extensively. Get started today with a better solution to board engagement.

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