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Thoughts from Boardable's Director of Product, Krista Martin

This is a post from Boardable’s Director of Product, Krista Martin…

What if your personal and your professional goals could be realized on a daily basis? Growing up I always believed that this is how careers worked – every day at my job would be filled with meaning and a connection to something much larger to myself. That being said, I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer… I did after all go to college with the intent of becoming a motivational speaker.

Krista Martin working at local non-proft, The Speakeasy

Krista Martin working at local non-profit, The Speakeasy


Things changed once I got out of school. I landed my first job at The Gazette Company in Cedar Rapids, IA as a digital product analyst. Analytical was not the first word that my close family and friends would have used to describe me. However, I gained skills quickly and grew into a new role as a product manager.

I became the product manager for the Marketplaces team. E-Commerce sites are fun and the transactions were fairly simple and straightforward. Post a job – pay a set price, partner with KCRG Autos and subscribe for a certain number of postings and participate in a deal program and establish a revenue share. My time at The Gazette Company fueled my passion for data driven decision making, customer success and the thrill of building products that users love.

After my move to Indianapolis, I went on to product manage an analytics and BI tool for Zotec, a local revenue cycle management company. Although there wasn’t a direct revenue stream tied to my product, this business intelligence tool was used internally as well as externally to help make sense of VERY large data sets. I learned to work with a team of BI analysts, data warehouse developers and a remote development team. I thought I would nerd out with my husband over medical billing (he is a resident at IU) but it turns out medical billing isn’t great table conversation after a long day at the hospital :). The industry was fun to learn especially during the shift towards high deductible plans resulting in more patient payments than ever before. AKA lots of problems to solve. I learned so much from working at Zotec but something was missing.

I was ready for the next challenge in my career and the dreamer in me wanted to find a position that could better align my personal and professional goals. Next thing I knew, through the magic that is Indianapolis, I met Jeb Banner and joined the team at Boardable. Leading a product team that is building a SaaS product is not groundbreaking – especially with the rise in tech and the need for user friendly applications to optimize productivity and day to day work. What is noteworthy is that I now work for a company that is built on a mission to serve nonprofits and I have the chance to build a product that has the potential to better our community.

Well run and diverse boards are essential to the success of nonprofits. Small to mid-sized nonprofits are doing so much GOOD but are often doing all of this work without access to quality tech. When an organization signs up with Boardable, we truly want the transaction to be more than an exchange of money and service. We believe that we can work with organizations to create a product that will increase board engagement and awareness, as well as increase the overall success of the organization.

So here is what I have learned since I started at Boardable… one of the best ways to help build something you believe in is to join a nonprofit board. Serving on a nonprofit board allows your personal and professional goals to align and connects you to something much larger than yourself.

If you have been looking to join a board but don’t know how or where to start… let’s connect. If you are already on a board and have been looking for a way to better organize your team… let’s work together.

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