CASE STUDY: Cape Cod Child Development

Boardable customer Cape Cod Child Development in Hyannis, MA has been improving life for families in the area for over 40 years. Starting as a small Headstart program in 1971, they now serve over 3,000 local kids.

case study of how cape cod child development nonprofit uses Boardable software

Cape Cod Child Development Case Study

Meaningful Board Service

All that growth has meant more board members and committees. Dave Chase, a board member for the last two and a half years identified strongly with their work providing programs for pre-k and school-age children.

When he reflects on his board service, Dave says:
“For me, it’s all about the kids. Cape Cod Child Development provides a desperately needed safety net for at risk children and families in need of support. I can’t imagine a world where we do not take care of our most vulnerable children – or of a Cape Cod without Cape Cod Child Development. Deal me in!”

A Growing Organization

Last summer, he began searching for solutions to better coordinate their board of eleven people that meets monthly. Ideally, this solution could also expand to their approximately 50 committee members and volunteers, too.

case study of cape cod child development and boardable board engagement software

Dave began a free trial of Boardable, along with 6 other board members. His plan was to vet the software with his executive board first. They quickly saw the potential for streamlining document storage, simplifying meeting planning and records, and generally improving communication. To facilitate his board getting to know the software, he generously donated a 6-month membership to CCCD as part of his board member contribution.

Room for Everyone

As soon as the executive committee decided Boardable was the right software for the organization, they chose the subscription size that would accommodate not just the board, but also all their committees. Communicating among dozens of people was becoming inconvenient and disorganized, and they needed a better way to structure committee-level discussions and information.

Dave first saw life get simpler in his governance committees:
“We have one very large policy committee, and it’s a great place where you can drop everything in, and it’s accessible.”

case study of cape cod child development and boardable board engagement software
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Easy Adaptation is Key

It can be difficult to get a lot of people on board with new software, but Boardable’s simple structure makes it intuitive to learn. So far, Dave’s feedback from new users has been that it is easy to update meetings and documents, something that used to require a confusing stream of emails before Boardable. New users have also found the Discussions feature especially helpful. They can now comment on documents, polls, or meetings within their committee, without blasting the entire mailing list.

At Boardable, we designed our software to help great organizations like Cape Cod Child Development make the most of their time and effort in their community. We are grateful for proactive board members like Dave Chase, and look forward to helping more nonprofits each year.

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