CASE STUDY: Phi Kappa Psi Foundation and Boardable

One of the largest fraternal foundations in the country, Phi Kappa Psi Foundation was officially established in 1914. “Phi Psi” as Phi Kappa Psi is commonly known, began during a typhoid outbreak in Pennsylvania in 1852, when two classmates decided to care for their ill brethren. A culture of service and academics was firmly established. Now the fraternity is spread across the United States, with the Foundation raising money, investing it, and disbursing funds to benefit Phi Psi’s chapters and members.
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case study of phi kappa psi foundation and their use of Boardable nonprofit board portal software

A Mission of Providing Scholarship, Leadership, and Housing

Ben Nicol began his professional Phi Psi journey working for the fraternity, later transitioning to the Foundation 14 years ago and eventually becoming the organization’s Chief Executive Officer. Ben identifies strongly with their three-pronged approach to funding scholarships, leadership programs, and housing.

Our guiding principle as practiced by our founders, is ‘the great joy of serving others’ and we take that very seriously,” Ben noted. 

With a board of 13 members spread all over the country, as well as about nine committees, the sharing of information was becoming overwhelming. With just 3 in-person meetings a year, it was imperative that the Phi Psi Foundation trustees were able to communicate efficiently and get a lot done between meetings.

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Time for a Better Board Portal Solution

Ben started evaluating board portal software options, including Boardable. Many of the trustees on the board are long-established in their careers, so a simple user experience that would be easy for busy or less tech-savvy members to adapt to was a high priority. After comparisons with other board portals, the Foundation decided on Boardable.

“Ultimately, the intuitive interface of Boardable was a deciding factor. We believed it would be a solution that not only met our needs, but that all our board members would be able to use right away.”

case study of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity Foundation and their use of Boardable board portal software

At almost the one-year anniversary of implementing Boardable, the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation has almost 70 users in the portal. The Foundation leadership can divide users by committees as needed, and easily produce meeting agendas and other information for exactly the right people. While as an administrator, Ben uses Boardable to disseminate meeting documents and details, the real advantage has been for the members themselves.

“Boardable has become the central place for answers to questions the board members have most often – When is the meeting? Where is that document? They don’t have to dig through emails any more, it is all in one place.” 

In addition to a central document storage and meeting detail-hub, Ben also finds a lot of value in the interactive parts of Boardable. The Foundation is able to conduct their important business while spread across multiple time zones using the Discussions feature. They also use the Polls feature to vote on official business.

“Using Polls, I have a record of who has voted and who hasn’t, and it is easy to attach the final tally to a meeting or look up individual polls from the past.”

case study of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity foundation and their use of Boardable board portal software

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Partners in Helping Others

Raising, investing, and granting tens of millions of dollars a year to their 100 chapters nationally is a huge responsibility for the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation. Boardable is honored to help this foundation streamline their important work.

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