Coming to a Screen Near You: Boardable Desktop

Goodbye Bookmarks, Hello Desktop App

We have all been there…

“Wait. Hold on, let me find that. What was the URL again? Oh no, I can’t remember my password. It looks like Dave needs the login link.”

Spend time in the meeting instead of finding it. Simplify meeting access for your board with the new

Say goodbye to bookmarks now

The Boardable Desktop App is a new desktop experience to help you and your board effortlessly access Boardable and the information you need right from your Mac or PC. 

Access Boardable from your desktop to schedule and join meetings, build and share agendas, draft and finalize minutes, vote digitally, and securely store, share, and sign documents from your desktop.

With the Boardable Desktop App, you will have:

  • One-click access to Boardable
  • No toolbars, no tabs, and no distractions
  • An easy to install and stable desktop application for your board and staff to utilize
  • Easy access to Boardable Spotlight, eliminating browser restrictions

P.S. Did you know we also have a mobile app? Make sure you check that out next!


Learn more about Boardable Spotlight