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Has your board been languishing in mediocrity? Are you ready to step up your board performance and inspire your directors to make a greater impact?

Then, you’ve come to the right place! Our free eBook showcases four straightforward methods for assessing and improving weak areas in your board, subsequently benefitting your organization as a whole. Whether improvements require enlisting help from outside experts or restructuring committees, you’ll learn it all in our new guide, Beyond The Basics: A Guide to Accelerating Board Performance!

Download the guide and share it at your next board meeting. Your team will be excited to upgrade their board experience and strengthen your whole organization as a result.

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What We Cover in This eBook

For this eBook, the experts at Boardable put their heads together to share proven best practices for inspiring your board to be the best it can possibly be. Instead of settling for mediocrity, they’ll thrive in an upbeat environment that empowers them to capitalize on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

Here’s a summary of the type of experience-based, impactful advice you can expect from this guide:

  1. Supplement weak areas with outside experts. Learn how to assess if your board should work with consultants to find and address weak performance areas.
  2. Identify the tools you need to be more effective. Explore the technology your board needs to be successful and carry out projects more efficiently.
  3. Amplify the board’s efforts and promote diversity with new committees. Get a better understanding of what a helpful committee structure looks like and how it supports your board.
  4. Thoroughly measure organizational outcomes. Find out why reporting regularly on board and organization-wide outcomes is so crucial. Plus, take a look at how reporting tools can automate the process, so your board can spend less time organizing data and more time synthesizing and analyzing it.

    From the initial recruitment stages to the end of their terms, your board members should never stop pursuing development. With these best practices and a little push, they’ll be motivated to transform into true leaders, putting your organization on the road to success.

    How Boardable Can Help Develop Leadership

    Boardable’s powerful board software reimagines the board experience. It enables boards everywhere to minimize distractions, streamline decision-making, and spend time pursuing professional development, resulting in better outcomes for the organization.

    Built for corporations, nonprofits, and all other mission-driven organizations, Boardable empowers modern boards to rethink their approach to board management and devote more time to the organizations they serve. Leverage features like:

    • An Agenda Builder to keep your meetings highly focused and ensure the board thoroughly addresses each item
    • Our Minutes Maker to record every crucial detail covered in your meetings
    • Virtual Voting (with an anonymity feature) that makes decision-making much more efficient than traditional practices
    • A Task Manager that helps board leaders hold their members accountable for crucial tasks
    • Boardable Spotlight, which is a virtual meeting platform that combines all the resources and tools you need to meet remotely
    • Reporting to track organization-wide and board-specific outcomes

    With Boardable, you’ll equip your board with the right tools, so they can reinvest their time and energy into being the leaders your organization needs them to be with one convenient platform that addresses every area of your board!

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    You can’t just sit back and expect board members to magically transform into the leaders of tomorrow. To inspire professional development among your board, you need to invest plenty of time and leverage experience-based best practices.

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