EBOOK: Beyond Basics: The Guide to Accelerating Board Performance

Has your board has been hovering in mediocrity? Are you ready to step up your board performance to be more impactful? This free guide shows you four simple methods to assess and improve any weak areas in your nonprofit board. Whether that requires consulting outside experts or restructuring committees, you’ll learn it all here.

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This free ebook from Boardable provides actionable advice on how to turn your nonprofit board performance into a highly effective change agent at the organization.Some of the Topics in the Ebook:

  1. Supplement Weak Areas With Outside Experts: Learn how to assess if your board should take advantage of consultants to find and address weak areas in performance.

  2. Identify the Tools and Metrics You Need to Be More Effective: Find out why reporting regularly on board outcomes is so crucial, and how to use tools to make measuring and communicating more efficient.

  3. Amplify the Board’s Effect with the Right Committees: Get a better understanding of what a helpful committee structure looks like, and how it supports the board.

    Use this free ebook to harness your board’s strengths and improve on weak areas with actionable tips for going beyond the basics. Your team will be excited to upgrade the board experience and strengthen the whole organization as a result.

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