EBOOK: Professionalizing the Board Member Experience

Give your nonprofit a boost by making the board experience as professional as possible.

Just because board members are volunteers doesn’t mean the experience can’t feel business-like and polished. Your board will be one that everyone wants to join, if you use some of the tips in this book to elevate your board’s professionalism.

Make sure your board members are equipped with the right structures, tools, and communication methods to facilitate engaged and effective board meetings.

Treat your nonprofit board like the professionals they are!

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Ebook Cover: Professionalizing the Nonprofit Board Experience - Boardable

In this free guide you will learn:

  • How to create an intentional experience for board members, helping them feel truly invested in the success of the nonprofit.
  • What technology and communication tools are needed for the board of directors to be as productive as possible, and minimize headaches.
  • The basics of efficient structure of the board, from individual roles to committee hierarchies, for maximum productivity.

Your nonprofit board of directors is only as strong as the impact each individual member can make. Elevate those individuals and your board as a whole by professionalizing the entire effort. We’re confident this guide will give you the inspiration you need to make the most of your invaluable board members.

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