EBOOK: Why It’s Time to Blow Up the Board Book

Paper is OUT! Stop wasting time, money, energy, and space on outdated paper board books.

Board books are a long-standing tradition at nonprofits, but their time is up. Paper versions are not only costly and time consuming to produce, they also kill engagement. Learn how and why to move on from the outdated paper board book to smarter, more effective meeting preparation methods.

Grab a free copy of Why It’s Time to Blow Up the Board Book and discover actionable advice on how to make nonprofit board meeting preparation more effective than ever before.

In short, learn how to ditch the paper board book!

Download the Ebook

Why It's Time to Blow Up the Board Book ebook download from Boardable

Some of the topics covered in this free ebook:

  • How to assess the needs of your board of directors: Learn tips for identifying missing perspectives and skills on your existing board.
  • Where and how to connect with quality board recruits: Gain an understanding of where to look for board members of diverse backgrounds.
  • Ways to scale your diverse board: Get actionable steps toward maintaining the diversity of your board as it grows.

Download the Ebook

Modernizing the board member experience takes time, effort, and thoughtfulness. Part of that is evaluating how to make meeting preparation easier and more efficient. One answer for your board could be getting rid of your paper board book. We hope this book helps you evaluate the options and move your organization forward!

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