EBOOK DOWNLOAD: Why It’s Time to Blow Up The Board Book

Paper board books are a long-standing tradition for all types of organizations, but their time is up! There’s no need to print and compile massive board books anymore, wasting valuable time and resources. Boards everywhere are making the transition to digital documentation, which delivers just as much value as their paper counterparts while making information much more accessible.

Grab your free copy of Why It’s Time for Modern Boards to Blow Up the Board Book and discover why paper board books are a thing of the past and why your team should make way for digital documentation. Along the way, you’ll grab some actionable tips for making the transition incredibly seamless, so your team can adopt the new digital format without hesitation.

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Download your free copy of our e-book Why It’s Time to Blow Up the Board Book.

What We Cover in This E-Book

The experts at Boardable put together this e-book to share everything you need to know about launching your board’s work into the modern technological era. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

  • Why paper board books aren’t as effective as they once were
  • What effective and accessible documentation looks like in the modern era
  • Why your board should consider transitioning to a paperless board book
  • How you can generate buy-in for paperless documentation across your organization
  • How specialized board software can smoothen the transition to electronic documentation

Modernizing the board member experience takes time, effort, and thoughtfulness. Part of that is making meeting preparation convenient, efficient, and all-around easier. Today, that means nixing the paper board book and going digital, so board members can prepare for your meetings, come ready with actionable insights, and put your mission center stage — anytime, anywhere.

How Boardable Can Help

Boardable’s powerful board portal enables all types of organizations to say goodbye to reams of paper and hello to a modern way of managing their boards — including going digital with documentation.

Part of advocating for the shift to paperless documentation means finding the right software, and with all the value that Boardable delivers, you can easily generate organization-wide buy-in. To make the transition to digital board books shockingly seamless, Boardable empowers you to:

  • Organize your documents however you like with the ability to create folders, subfolders, and even sub-subfolders.
  • Securely store and distribute documents with full confidence that your information is protected thanks to encryption.
  • Enable board members to access your documents wherever they are with the Boardable app, available on the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.
  • Create signable documents and cut any extra costs of paying third-party software tools to electronically sign documents.

Not to mention, you’ll receive everything you need to manage your board beyond documentation. Easily automate meeting scheduling, enable virtual attendance for your meetings, build dynamic agendas, delegate tasks, vote on important items, communicate between meetings, and much more.

Built for corporations and mission-driven organizations, Boardable enables boards, committees, and teams everywhere to focus on the business at hand, rather than worrying about complicated backend processes and keeping up with confidential documentation.

Try Boardable for yourself and see how it can help your team launch its operations into the modern era.

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With an intuitive way to store your documents and a fool-proof plan for going digital, you’ll be well on your way to rolling out the digital board book at your organization. Soon, you’ll be left asking yourself why you didn’t make the switch sooner!

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