Introducing Boardable to New Team Members

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Your organization has been using Boardable for a while now, and the administrators who first started using it know how to take advantage of all the features. You’re saving time, working more efficiently, communicating better, and keeping everyone more engaged. But now you have a new team member, and they may be wondering, “What’s this Boardable thing all about anyway?”

how to introduce Boardable nonprofit board portal software to new team members

Allow Me to Introduce Boardable

When you are new to an organization, it can be a challenge to get up-to-speed on all the tools and information everyone else is already using. Here’s the good news: Boardable is designed to be quick and easy to learn to use. The simple dashboard is intuitive to use, and you will be clicking around to the information you want in no time. Our free mobile app also allows you to access your account from anywhere.

What Does Boardable DO?

At other organizations you’ve been involved with, you probably got about 17 emails when you started, containing everything from bylaws to budget spreadsheets to introductions to other team members. Boardable’s board portal software takes all that (and much more) and stores it in a central location for your organization.

As a Boardable user, here are some of the features you can take advantage of:

  • Meetings Center: When you are invited to a meeting, you will see the time and place right on your home screen when you log into Boardable. Linked to each meeting are documents the organizer wants you to have, as well as any discussion about the meeting, perhaps a poll question, and any assigned tasks (more on this later). Virtual meetings will include the link to an outside video app or you can use Boardable Spotlight.
  • Groups: Let’s say you are on a board of directors, as well as the finance committee. In Boardable, those two teams will each have their own “group.” When you want to share a document with just your finance committee, or schedule a meeting with everyone on your board, you can easily focus on the appropriate people in that group.
  • Task Manager: The ability to track tasks helps boards and committees make sure they are making progress in between meetings. You can assign a task to yourself or meeting organizers (called “admins” in Boardable) can assign tasks to other people. Now, when you’re sitting in that finance committee meeting, the admin can assign tasks to people as the discussion unfolds. You will see the tasks assigned to you on your home screen, or you can see the tasks assigned to everyone during a specific meeting under the details of that meeting.
  • Polls / Voting: Whether it is a real governance vote, or asking everyone to vote on the lunch caterer, you can quickly get an answer from your board members between meetings by using the Poll feature in Boardable. You can even specify that the responses are anonymous, if it is a particularly controversial lunch option!
  • Discussions and People Directory: No more searching through your old emails to find the address of one of your fellow board members. With the People Directory, you can quickly look up members of your groups and whatever contact information they choose to share. But why even send an email, when you can just start a discussion with your group in Boardable? Ask a question, share your thoughts, relay some information – it’s all in one place.
  • Boardable Spotlight: YBoardable Spotlight brings together all the tools your organization needs to meet virtually and in person, collaborate seamlessly, and document decisions so you can spend less time on meeting logistics and more on meeting your mission.

Here’s a quick video intro to Boardable.


The Purpose of Boardable

It’s easy to see how Boardable’s board portal software makes communication and access to information easier. It also helps save time by eliminating clutter and confusion that happens when a busy group of individuals work together. However, those perks aren’t the main purpose of Boardable. We designed the portal specifically to help nonprofit boards have a better board experience and to increase member engagement. With a more connected and accountable board, every part of an organization gets stronger. Fundraising, programming, financial planning, community relations, governance – all of these areas benefit from an engaged board. Boardable is here to help.

Have feedback on app features? Let our product team know. We look forward to making tools that help nonprofits be more effective than ever. Keep up the great work!

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, simply visit the App Store or Google Play to download (note: you must have a Boardable account to use the app).

Boardable iTunes App Store Link    Boardable App on Google Play


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