Involve Board Members in Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is an ideal chance to reach out to your community with other area non-profits. In many cases, the community spirit of an event drives donations up and results in funding and revenues for your mission and organization. Your board members can play a key role in fundraising and ensure that you get a chance to fulfill your goals on Giving Tuesday.

Ask for a Match

Matching funds not only increase your total amount raised on Giving Tuesday, they actually help prompt other, non-board members to give. When every donation up until a certain point if matched, your potential donors swiftly realize their money will go further and do more.  That match could be the difference between a visitor giving to your cause and opting for some other, equally admirable project. Ask the board to match funds for a specific period of time, perhaps during a social media funding drive. To capitalize even more on their influence, consider asking them to have their own business or employers match your funds. Watch your totals soar!

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Create an Email

Every e-mail a volunteer or an employee sends to their own friends, family, and connections increases your chances of getting donations. If your board is comprised of community leaders and your individual members have great connections, your emails will generate even more income. Make it easy and create an email template for your board to modify and personalize–and share with their own contacts. The easier you make this, the better. Your board members are busy and this “done for you” process will encourage their participation.

Request Social Shares

Ask your team to share specific posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks in the days leading to Giving Tuesday. Again, their reach is different from yours and could result in higher revenues raised on the big day. Ask for members to share on the networks they use most often; depending on your brand, that could include Instagram or Twitter as well. As stated above, providing them in advance with any verbiage, links, and hashtags they need will make everyone more likely to pitch in.

Personal Giving

Request donations directly from board members–they can lead the way on the big day and show immediate progress to the public towards your goal. Furthermore, studies show that new donors are more likely to contribute if they already see momentum from other people. Your board can also use this opportunity to fulfill their established time or monetary commitments to your organization. Don’t forget to remind donors that their gifts are tax deductible. After all, the tax year is almost over!

Board Member Giving Tuesday

Future Board Member Candidates

Your board members serve specific terms, and you may have a number of future candidates to choose from, depending on the size and positioning of your organization. This is also a time to personally reach out to some target candidates and ask for support. They can offer the same type of support your existing board members do, and have motivation to make a good impression. This will benefit your brand on Giving Tuesday and in the future.

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Involving your board members and reaching out to them with specific requests can help you make the most of a Giving Tuesday campaign. By including details about what you need, you make it simple for the team to participate and ensure that their efforts pay off for your organization on Giving Tuesday.

Good luck, and happy fundraising!

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