3 Ways to Maintain Board Accountability Between Meetings

The annual meeting went great. The board is excited about what you have going on. Each member has agreed to perform a specific task… so all is well, right?

Not so fast.

It is incredibly common to get a lot of enthusiasm during and directly after your board meeting, but encounter a lack of follow through until the next one. There is nothing wrong with your organization or members, it’s just that additional accountability is needed to help everyone complete the tasks they agreed to. Try the following tips to help both you and your board deal with this common problem. The result will be a more engaged and more active board that does its best for your organization.

Maintain Board Accountability

3 Ways to Maintain Board Accountability

Write it Down

You already have minutes from the meeting. Use them or your own records to write up a quick overview of what each person or committee has agreed to and the timeframe the work needs to be completed in. This can then be sent in a followup email to all members. Simply thank them for attending and for their assistance, while reminding them of key commitments and deadlines.  This not only helps improve your engagement and communication, but reminds everyone to add key items to their own busy schedules and incorporate important details into their own planning. Consider software tools specifically designed for tracking assigned tasks and meeting details, like Boardable’s Meeting Follow Up tools.

Make it Easy

If you need your board to send an email to their own contacts, send them a sample that is ready to go. They can add their own personal touch and send it along in minutes. You can share a version of the letter you are sending to your own contacts. This won’t add much time to your own planning but will ensure that your board can swiftly and easily handle this task.  The easier you make things for your board the more likely they will be to follow through. Providing them with everything they need gives them the option of using ready-made content or drafting their own.

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Add Touchpoints to your Calendar

Add dates to your calendar to get in touch with your board. You’ll not only maintain board accountability, but engagement, too.  Pick dates in advance of your needs and send a quick hello and reminder. You’ll be more likely to get on your board members’ schedule and be remembered at the right time.  By taking the initiative and getting in touch, you will be better able to get things done. Additionally, your board won’t feel like you are asking for things (even things they agreed to) at the last minute.

Simple changes in communication and taking the time to touch base can maintain your board accountability and engagement. Since most board members are actively engaged in their own businesses and projects, these fast and easy ways to connect ensure that your board has the opportunity to help. Most boards will appreciate the chance to contribute in an active way and will love having built in reminders and chances to connect. You’ll love the boosted accountability and engagement that results, too.

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