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Board obligations vary from organization to organization depending on the board’s structure and mission. Research has shown just how difficult it can be to recruit a diverse board for nonprofit organizations. In addition to recruitment, on-boarding new members can be a time consuming process. It is critical to state board obligations and to clearly communicate how the board and nonprofit is going to make an impact in the community.

We came across a recent article from Matthew Downey, Director of Nonprofit Services at the Johnson Center, titled “The Board Recruitment Dilemma: A community problem that needs a community solution.” Downey articulates the current challenges and obstacles that nonprofit boards face today.

“Essentially we’re asking board members to function in a job they were never prepared for, choosing and monitoring strategies for issues they struggle to understand, all while managing professional and personal lives largely disconnected from their board member role.”

Downey highlights how impactful nonprofit boards can be and how the health of these boards is really an indicator of the health of the community. He emphasizes how relationships that are formed within the board rooms of the community can directly impact the community’s economic viability. The article ends with two thought provoking questions:

“Is it possible that nonprofits play roles in communities that go well beyond the services provided by programming? Do nonprofits, by way of community leadership and relationships in their board rooms, serve as mechanisms that encourage a community’s economic viability?

And if the answer to those questions is “yes,” then we must seriously reconsider how we develop our local talent and leadership through board service. If we are to succeed and contribute to the sustainability of our neighborhoods, we must start leveraging our relationships to curate community-level solutions to this and other sector-wide issues.”

Here at Boardable we wholeheartedly believe that the work that nonprofits are doing goes beyond the services that they are providing. This company was started to build a product that could help alleviate some of the issues that Downey describes so accurately. We are a software company, but first and foremost we are a local Indianapolis business with a mission to strengthen this community through technology and thought leadership.

So let’s work and create together. If you are looking to join a board and aren’t sure where to start, we can help with that. If you are currently serving on a board and want to see if Boardable could help create a quality board experience for your organization, we would be happy to talk. If you aren’t looking for technology as a solution but have knowledge to share with the community we’d love to help you share.

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