Meet Amalia and Sarah, Boardable Marketing Superstars!

Boardable has grown so much this year, but perhaps no one on our team has had to adjust to so much so quickly as Marketing staff, Amalia Howard and Sarah Wallace. After just a few weeks of being in their new positions, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and we all began working remotely. The way these two impressive women adjusted to a new company and a new environment so quickly and effectively has truly made them indispensable at Boardable.

We added two great employees to the Boardable Marketing team, Amalia and Sarah.

I’d like to help you get to know Amalia and Sarah a little better.

Amalia Howard: A Nonprofit Veteran and Media Master

At Boardable, we love to find employees who truly understand the hearts and minds of our nonprofit community. Amalia absolutely exemplifies this experience with a previous work history exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Though Amalia was a theater major in college, she was always drawn to philanthropy. She realized  that one theme that applies to both pursuits is the importance of storytelling.

Amalia first got to combine her incredible skill of using art to touch the feelings and thoughts of her audience with her love of philanthropy during an internship with a nonprofit that equipped former human trafficking victims with job skills in Calcutta, India.

Boardable team member, Amalia Howard, is our Digital Marketing Specialist.

She was already skilled at graphic design and photography, but during this internship, she taught herself video editing and how to lay out a scene or video testimonial. Telling the stories of the women she met in Calcutta cemented her desire for a career in graphic work for nonprofits.

A First Step Out of Nonprofit Work

After working for multiple nonprofits, Amalia wondered if she might be ready for a change of environment. When she saw the job posting for a visual storyteller at a company that works with nonprofits, it seemed like the perfect fit. We agreed! Amalia started at Boardable at the beginning of 2020 and quickly began adding value to every department. Whether creating customer testimonial videos with Girls, Inc. of Indianapolis or helping the Customer Success team create an instructional video, Amalia’s work has infinitely improved Boardable’s visual material.

It was a welcome change of pace to work for a for-profit company for Amalia, too.

“One thing I love about working at Boardable is that the environment is so trusting. Sometimes because of the tight budgeting at nonprofits, I felt like my work was more micromanaged. I also love that there are smart people handling all the business decisions and we can just focus on our creative work, with enough budget to do try new things and make a fantastic finished product.”

We are excited to see what amazing work Amalia does in her future at Boardable!

Sarah Wallace: A Digital Marketing Pro, Looking for More Meaning

Sarah joined Boardable in late 2019. When we interviewed her, we were struck by her calm, reassuring demeanor and her long history of impressive work with digital giants like Google and Ask.com. We knew right away that we wanted her to come work with us, but what was it about Boardable that attracted her interest?

“I loved that Boardable is mission-driven. At my previous jobs, I always cared about my team and doing a good job, but sometimes it bothered me that it didn’t feel like the work mattered in the  world. I wanted to feel proud of my work.”

Sarah had learned tons about how to word an ad or how Google prioritizes what internet users see, but was there a way to use that knowledge to help people? She has a background in architecture and had served as the chair of the Historic District Commission board in Ann Arbor, MI as well as worked with Partners in Housing in Indianapolis, IN. She had been a board member of her children’s Montessori preschool and treasurer of the elementary school PTA, so she clearly has a passion for a good mission.

Sarah Wallace is the Paid Marketing Manager for Boardable.

When she saw the position for Paid Marketing Manager at Boardable, it was a perfect bridge for her unique skills and her desire to do meaningful  work.

The Surprising World of Start-Ups

After working at multi-national internet behemoths, Sarah wasn’t entirely sure what to expect at Boardable. She hoped her work would feel more impactful, but what would the rest of the vibe be like?

“I’m happy to report that it is just as lovely as I was hoping it would be. It’s tempting to idealize a scrappy startup, but it turned out that Boardable was easy to feel really invested in.”

Since Sarah started at Boardable, we have hired five new employees, with several new positions open. That’s about a 25% increase in employees from when she started. She is excited to see how the next year of growth goes.

“It’s one thing to understand that kind of growth logically. It’s another to actually experience it!”

That’s a common feeling at Boardable. We are excited to keep growing this year, with skilled people like Sarah helping our product reach exactly the people who need it most.

Marketers Who Care

We are delighted to have Amalia and Sarah on our Marketing team. Not only are they incredibly talented, hard workers, and collaborative team members, they are women who care deeply about the world they live in and want to make it better. By working with Boardable, they can make a good living and feel good about their work. We think that’s a win-win!


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