Meet Ieshia Hill, Boardable’s New Product Marketing Manager

Ieshia Hill was working as an account manager for a company that offered an oil analysis service for industrial equipment. She was good at her job and was doing well, but found herself feeling a bit less than fulfilled. That was the start of a long journey that led her to Boardable’s Product team.

A Big Risk, But Bigger Rewards

As Ieshia worked for the oil analysis service, she knew she was leaving lots of skills (and passion) off the table. She found herself wondering if there might be more challenging and rewarding work for her.

“I found myself asking, ‘What are we doing here every day?’ It didn’t feel very meaningful. It’s really cool I get to do something of service now.”

She decided to take a risk and enrolled in Eleven Fifty, an Indianapolis-based computer coding academy. It was a little scary to go from a secure job to back to school, but Ieshia quickly saw that she was able to engage her creative and technical abilities in a way that she hadn’t in a long time. She had begun her adventure into a new field.

New Product Marketing Manager at Boardable, Ieshia Hill.

Ieshia Hill (second from left) with her family, graduating from Eleven Fifty coding academy in 2018.

Technical Skills Put to Good Use

After finishing coding school at Eleven Fifty, Ieshia went to work for a product marketing company. She coordinated everything from trade shows to marketing campaigns and product releases. She learned a ton there about project management and SCRUM methodology. She brings this technical and marketing background to Boardable as a Product Marketing Manager.

At Boardable, it is Ieshia’s job to improve the experience of Boardable users by communicating features, how-tos, best practices for the software, and more to our customers. She is always looking for ways to remove friction from using the product. This can mean providing information in a more intuitive place within the app, rewording the messages people in a free trial receive, or simple things like making sure features are referred to consistently across various resources.

“Now I’m in an industry that I love, doing what I love. I’m excited to be part of something that’s growing, too. You can see your value in real-time.”

New Product Marketing Manager at Boardable, Ieshia Hill.

Ieshia finds meaning volunteering for The Caring Place, a faith-based nonprofit for at-risk youth.

Not New to Nonprofits

When Ieshia isn’t challenging herself to learn new skills at work, she is often found helping other expand their own possibilities. For five years, she has volunteered at The Caring Place, a faith-based program that offers at-risk youth activities after school. She has also volunteered with The Startup Ladies, a big driver of her love of startup culture.

New Product Marketing Manager at Boardable, Ieshia Hill.

Ieshia loves visiting art installations, such as the Seven Magic Mountains exhibit she visited with her sister in Las Vegas, NV.

In addition to all her volunteer work, Ieshia loves to socialize with friends and family by trying new restaurants or going to art shows. She also enjoys drawing and reading magazines at a book store to relax. We can’t wait to see what she does with our product marketing!

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