Meet More of Our Sales Team: Marta and John

You may recall our recent intro to Wayne Robbins, our Director of Sales. He came in to lead the team of Brittany and Adam, but he was quickly joined by Marta and John, too. Our team is growing so fast and we are thrilled to introduce you to more great account reps!

John Applegate, Ready to Find Answers for Customers

Boardable Sales Rep John Applegate likes to hike, here at Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.

John hiking at Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.

John is not new to the nonprofit software space. Before coming to Boardable, he was an account rep at Blackbaud, one of the first nonprofit fundraising software products. He was used to encountering nonprofits who needed a better way to do the work they were already doing.

“Some of the people I’d talk to there were still using spreadsheets and Dropbox, trying to manage complex donor information on what we at Boardable call ‘digital duct tape.’ It was so rewarding to help them find better tools to use, just like I do at Boardable.”

John worked for another company between Blackbaud and Boardable and found that he really missed the satisfaction that came with working with nonprofits. Helping other organizations improve their communities or the experiences of their members is something that energizes John.

“I realized that I can be an account rep for any kind of product– insurance, widgets, whatever– but I am much happier and better at what I do when it feels like I’m helping people with good work.”

Looking Ahead at Boardable

When I asked both John and Marta what they were most looking forward to in Boardable’s future, they both are excited about our rapid growth. Even though they both started in the last six months, we already have multiple new team members who have started after them.

They know the culture could change some, but they look forward to being able to serve even more nonprofit customers all over the world. No doubt, John and Marta will help share their ample enthusiasm

Marta Stanbrough and John Applegate are the newest account representatives at Boardable.


Marta Stanbrough, A Boardable Fan Before an Employee

Marta knew of Boardable months and months before starting her position as a Sales Associate. Coming from a local tech community bootcamp, Marta was first struck by the thought leadership of our CEO, Jeb Banner. She heard good things about him in general, and as she began to explore the possibility of actually working at Boardable she dug into his blogs and interviews.

“I had heard good things about Boardable and specifically Jeb. I was really intrigued by the things I learned about him, as a leader and entrepreneur and I was very impressed by his style and the integrity I felt I saw…. I loved that he says, ‘Everything I know about business I learned from being in a band’!”

Marta is also thrilled to work with the nonprofit community. Not only does it add meaning to the job, it attracts the kind of people that Marta likes to work with– both as Boardable employees and the customers she talks to every day.

“Nine times out of ten, the people I talk to on the phone every day are really nice people. They’re happy to have a conversation with you. They are really trying to do their best to help the organization.”

You Might Hear from John or Marta

If you’ve ever contacted Boardable for a product demo or price quote, you just might have interacted with Marta or John. If you did, I’m sure you were treated with enthusiasm, kindness, and humor. Keep up all the great work, you two!

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