Meet Wayne Robbins, Boardable Director of Sales

Wayne is the kind of guy who doesn’t know the meaning of giving up. When you talk to him, you get the feeling there is no problem he can’t solve and no concern unworthy of his attention. Wayne’s passion for learning about nonprofit boards and finding out if Boardable can help is what makes him an incredible Director of Sales.

Meet Boardable director of sales, Wayne Robbins.

Here is Wayne at Fenway Park with his son, Brad.

A History of Nonprofit Tech

We often think of Boardable as being a unique hiring challenge: There’s the technology and data of working for a SaaS, but because we work with nonprofits, there is also a need for warmth and compassion. It can be difficult to find people who function well in both environments, and we understand we will often need to hire people from other sectors.

That wasn’t the case with Wayne. Before coming to Boardable, he had worked with Bloomerang and eTapestry, so he already understood the market.

That’s not an accidental pattern for Wayne:

“I love sales, I love working for a tech company, but it fulfills a passion being able to do that in a nonprofit environment that makes the world better.”

Wayne has definitely worked in sales in other environments, but now that he has experienced the satisfaction that comes with helping nonprofits, he knows that is where is heart is.

“We’re obviously in business, we’re for-profit, but it makes it feel more worthwhile to work with nonprofits.”

John Applegate talks about how Director of Sales, Wayne Robbins, is as a servant leader who puts the team first.

Wayne’s Growth Plans at Boardable

When Wayne started at Boardable in May of 2020, right as the company had moved to completely remote operations, he was the first Director of Sales for a team of three. Right away, he was tasked with big growth plans. Boardable was already growing quickly, but had goal of tripling our annual revenue by the end of 2020.

Still, as he hires more team member over the coming year, he hopes to preserve the close-knit team feeling:

“I hope to grow the team, but still maintain the friendships and cohesion and keep that ‘I’ll drop everything and help you if you need it’ mindset as we grow. We’re growing pretty fast, hiring pretty fast, it (staying cohesive) can happen, but will require some effort.”

At Boardable, we have always had a highly collaborative environment. After all, two years ago, we had just six full-time employees. While each team member has their primary of expertise and responsibility, there isn’t a culture of “That’s not my job.” We try to help each other, even across departments.

Wayne noticed this dynamic right away:

“One thing I love about Boardable is all departments interface and attempt to work together to help each other.”

As the Sales team and Boardable as a whole continue to grow, we know Wayne will keep that team spirit a high priority.

Balancing Hard Work with Play

Wayne lives in South Bend, Indiana and makes a point to balance the drive to hit big goals at work with downtime with his family. After living in Boston for while, he became an avid Red Sox fan and tries to go to several games a year. He loves to revisit New England when visiting one of his sons who ended up moving there. He also likes to be active outdoors with his wife– kayaking, hiking, and going for walks.

Boardable's Director of Sales, Wayne Robbins, kayaking with his wife Sheri.

Wayne likes to go kayaking with his wife, Sheri.

Wayne has been such a great addition to our team. We can’t wait to see what he does with the team next!

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