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Are you wasting a lot of time, just trying to follow up after meetings? Writing minutes, distributing them, tracking tasks, sharing documents– board administrators told us they needed a better way. Fortunately, software tools can help. We created our software features with board meeting effectiveness in mind.

Meeting Follow Up Made Easy, With Boardable

Minutes Done in Minutes

A crucial board governance task is the distribution and approval of meeting minutes. Everyone has to agree on the outcomes of the meeting, in the form of approving the minutes. You already prepared for the board meeting with Agenda Builder, and took your minutes during the meeting with Minutes Maker. All that remains is to distribute the document to all the attendees and keep a copy for posterity. This used to take at least three different software tools- a word processor to type them, an email system to send them, and a storage mechanism for keeping them- but now can be done in a single step within the Boardable app. Simply “publish” the meeting minutes and you can immediately send a copy to all attendees and save them in your Document Center and Meetings Center for easy access.

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Gather Feedback

During your meeting, was there a question to ask or feedback you need in between meetings? The Polls/Voting feature is perfect for getting everyone’s input on specific issues. You can ask as many single questions as you want, from where to book a dinner reservation, to which job candidate is the best choice. Your meeting attendees or key stakeholders will already be divided into pertinent Groups. Now, all you have to do is send the group a question and they will see it on their opening dashboard. There is also an “anonymous” option, so members can reply to sensitive topics in confidence. All the past polls are saved in the Boardable app, so they can be referenced at any time.

Task Follow Up

One of the most critical components of meeting follow up is making sure everyone is completing the tasks that they volunteered for. We talk to nonprofit boards every day who tell us their number one challenge is accountability from board members. We designed our Task Manager feature to address this issue in a simple and effective way. During a meeting, tasks are assigned in the Minutes Maker, along with a due date and designated person. From there, each individual will see their own tasks on their personal dashboard. Additionally, looking at the meeting details will show all the tasks assigned during that particular meeting. A group administrator is able to see all the outstanding tasks in the Task Manager, helping them to check in with members about their progress as needed. Administrators can also assign tasks to members between meetings as needed. Board or committee members simply check the box next to a task, as they complete it. Accountability has never been so simple!

Get More from Each Meeting

Nonprofit board members are donating their valuable time, and everyone wants to feel their efforts are effective. There is nothing worse than sitting in a poorly planned meeting that you know will have no follow through, and wondering why you even bothered. Using the Boardable meeting follow up (as well as preparation and participation) tools, members know that the meeting is taken seriously and will result in tangible progress. You owe it to your board members to make the most of their time, talent, and efforts, and Boardable is happy to help.

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