New Feature: Multiple-Group Functions in Boardable

Boardable Director of Product Krista Martin takes customer feedback seriously when mapping out new features in the board portal. It is a delicate balance that requires considering customers’ immediate needs with the integrity of the software in the long-term.

“We weigh customer feedback with the technical structure of the platform. It’s important to build in a way that benefits the product for the long term so that we can guarantee our users a dependable and affordable product.”

After gathering feedback from the Boardable in-product support chat, common themes in customer success calls, and information gleaned from sales conversations, Krista’s product team decided to tackle multi-group meetings next.

New Feature: Multiple-Group Meetings, Documents, Polls, and More

One way Boardable helps board administrators keep information as accurate and simple as possible for board members is the ability to separate users into groups. Using the Groups feature, admins can provide meeting details, documents, polls, tasks, discussions, and more that are specific to only the groups that users are in.

However, Boardable users noted there were often situations in which multiple groups of users were invited to the same meeting. Previously, board administrators could add additional users to a single group meeting, but the ability to add multiple groups would be a huge timesaver and the archived information could live across groups.

“We always want to help our administrators save time so they can get the information to board members earlier so they can be more engaged.”

Now, for example, the finance committee group and the executive council group can both be invited to the budget planning meeting. Members of each can see the tasks, documents, discussions, and polls discussed at the joint meeting in their respective groups. Meetings in the future can be scheduled for both groups, and be found in both the individual user’s dashboard and the group page.

Coming Soon

As part of Krista’s careful planning of features based on feedback, the next update on her list is multi-day and recurring meetings. With this exciting expansion, projected to be released in late October 2019, account administrators who plan multi-day retreats or conferences can show the meeting lasting as long as necessary.

Another aspect of the release is the ability to plan recurring or standing meetings. If your finance committee meets the first Tuesday of every month, you will be able to set up ONE meeting and schedule it out indefinitely. Any agendas, tasks, invitees, and documents associated with that meeting will travel with it into future instances of the meeting, too.

“Another interesting attribute of having recurring meetings is the ability to track attendance metrics over time. If the attendance of a standing meeting starts out strong but is faltering six months later, you will be able to see that in the portal.”

Boardable multi group meeting planning feature

This continuity in meeting planning and attendance tracking is part of Boardable’s mission to improve the board member experience for nonprofits. Keep an eye out for even more metrics reporting soon that will provide lots of insights into board engagement.

Details Matter

In addition to working on the multi-group functionality and the recurring or multi-day meetings, Krista’s team is working hard to keep the product consistent and efficient across the desktop, mobile, and mobile app experiences. This can be as simple as making sure buttons and text are the same color and in the same location, but the goal is always the same: saving administrators time and delight board members.

“We hope this attention to detail will help users move seamlessly throughout the product.”

If you haven’t downloaded the mobile app, you can download it in the App Store or Google Play. Board members love preparing for meetings from anywhere and having meeting details readily available.

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