How National Sororities and Fraternities Can Encourage Wellness

Unfortunately in the last couple of years, Greek organizations have been in the press – and not in a good way. The hazing incidents, alcohol abuse, and deaths have garnered some negative attention. As alumni, you certainly did not want see your organization represented this way in the news media. Luckily, there’s a lot that national sororities and fraternities can do to encourage a healthier culture.

national sororities and fraternities and alumni help wellness in chapters

What National Sororities and Fraternities Can Do

Reducing Risky Behavior at a Chapter Level

Many fraternities and sororities adopted new alcohol policies for the 2019-2020 academic year. For example, the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) prohibits >15% ABV products at any chapter event, unless a licensed third-party vendor is serving.. Since the majority of alcohol-related fraternity deaths have involved use of hard liquor, the NIC felt this new rule was critically important.

In the last decade, over 33 hazing-related deaths have occurred. Naturally, we can all agree that this is 33 too many. Greek life is a fundamental part of campus life, but when it comes to hazing, some traditions shouldn’t persist.

It is time for hazing to end and be replaced with a more positive use of energy. Actually, Greek organizations already do so much good in the world,, Unfortunately, the philanthropy is often completely overshadowed by these hazing incidents.

National Fraternities and Sororities Can Help

Why hasn’t “Greek life” been reformed in a way that ensures student safety.? One prevailing school of thought is that fraternity alumni with deep pockets fondly remember the old traditions and work to keep those alive.

It’s time to change the energy, and you as alumni can definitely be the catalyst for lasting change. You’re not only alumni, you are also likely parents of kids who are entering college,. No doubt, that makes you look at fraternities through a whole different lens. Greek life is about meeting new people and enriching the college experience.

What can alumni of these Panhellenic organizations do to encourage healthier habits? Actually, there is a lot you can do. Promote good news in your local chapter or on your personal social media page.

Amplify the Good Greek Orgs Do

As an alumnus, speak out and make your voice heard. Be a leader and not a follower. Make inquiries into your local chapter, your campus or your national sorority or fraternity.. Consider serving on the governing board to encourage healthier habits.

Changing hazing requires changing the energy and the culture of Greek life. It is the “out with the bad, in with the good” mentality that will keep fraternities out of trouble. Simultaneously, it showcases the amazing philanthropic work that most organizations do.

Whether you take a leadership role, or just post on your personal social media, be an advocate for change. Remove alcohol from the initiation process. Uphold your values and the values of your organization. Hazing happens in sororities . Ladies, you also need to advocate for change. Many people are shocked to learn that the behavior that so often attributed to fraternities also happens in sororities.

The Road to Healthier Sororities and Fraternities

Hazing has been swept under the rug for too long. Besides, who wouldn’t want to promote the positive aspects of Greek life, without the undue attention about the negative aspects? It is a much better road to travel. Everyone has a voice, so use the power of your voice to join with other voices on the matter. Greek life can exist in a different form, and be all the better for making the change. Each time an alumnus or alumna speaks out against injustice, a tiny ripple of hope is sent forth. With enough ripples, national sororities and fraternities will inevitably change for the better.

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