In-kind Donations: A Nonprofit Attorney’s Perspective

In the course of our work at Boardable, we have the pleasure of meeting professionals like Zac Kester.

Zac Kester, a nonprofit attorney

Zac, a nonprofit attorney, writes about legal issues and considerations for Charitable Allies’ blog and Zac’s article about in-kind donations has become a go-to resource. Highlights include:

In-kind donations generally fall into one of three categories:

(1) direct payment by a donor of bill owed by the charity to a third party

(2) donations of goods

(3) donations of services

For in-kind donations, the responsibility is on the donor to value the donation. Nevertheless, the nonprofit may also desire to state something like “were it not for your donation, we would have had to expend $________ to procure such an item.” This can be helpful as a fundraising tool when making major donor lists, for example.

When fielding questions specific to the progress that small nonprofit boards strive to make, we reach out to our colleagues who have expertise in particular areas. As we pick up tips that may be of value, we’ll share them here and give a shout-out to the expert.


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