EBOOK DOWNLOAD: The Nonprofit Board Governance Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Your board probably already has some organization in place – formal committees with delegated responsibilities. However, board governance takes the idea of defining board organization and responsibilities a step further by implementing a set of policies and procedures in the nonprofit organization. We have plenty of insightful suggestions in our comprehensive guide on nonprofit board governance.

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This ebook from Boardable outlines the responsibilities of a nonprofit board and the governance provisions to have in place for success.

Here are the board governance topics covered in this guide:

  • Important policies that every nonprofit board should have in place – including details on a whistleblower policy, conflict of interest policy, gift acceptance policy, and item acceptance policy.
  • What officers are required for board governance? This guide gives a detailed framework for the personnel required for proper governance.
  • Suggestions on how to better use and keep governance documents and files effectively.
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in terms of board governance.

This guide gives credible and actionable steps from a nonprofit expert on proper board governance in the nonprofit world that will allow you to better lead and manage your organization.

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