Product Insider: Creating Efficient Virtual Board Meetings

Have you ever participated in a meeting that was a complete waste of time and energy? Have you subsequently ever wondered why those meetings are so prevalent in the new virtual meeting era? You’re not alone. Making the most of your time – our most precious resource – is constantly at the forefront of our product team’s minds. Productive and efficient virtual board meetings have these broad factors in common: Participants can receive social and visual cues with other attendees, access the technology and resources they need, and remain focused.

Utilizing the right technology can optimize your time and make meetings more efficient. Circumstances for the perfect meeting may never exist, but a comprehensive solution will minimize the effects of factors outside your control that contribute to squandering time.

Why Appearances Matter

In a famous research study of the 1960s, Dr. Albert Mehrabian concluded that the interpretation of a message is 7% verbal, 38% vocal, and 55% visual. Then why is it that 65% of remote meetings are done audio only? There may lie our problem.

We can all probably relate to virtual fatigue, and sometimes turning the camera off provides much-needed respite from back-to-back online meetings. The struggle is real, especially for those working with others in different time zones. Or those working from home with young children running around. But if Dr. Mehrabian’s study tells us anything, it’s that video is a crucial piece of virtual engagement. Facial expressions communicate feelings, posture communicates confidence, and eye contact communicates engagement. Without these communication staples, information is bound to get lost.

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For a lot of us who work remotely together but have never met each other face to face, understanding personality through nonverbal communication is critical to relationship building. When establishing rules for virtual engagement, video etiquette needs to be a top priority.

A lot of things impact video quality during meetings, including internet bandwidth. For Boardable Spotlight, we recommend running our diagnostics tool before your meeting takes place in order to pinpoint any bandwidth issues. If you have a family of streamers, gamers, trolls, or influencers, they are likely the true culprits of low bandwidth. To combat this scenario (and other internet snafus), we have incorporated connection alerts that will notify you in a non-distracting way during your meetings. Having a high-speed internet connection will ensure that meeting attendees will see each other in high definition, which is important for nonverbal communication.

The Right Tech in the Right Place

According to a recent Okta study, nearly 10% of businesses utilize more than 200 apps. Navigating five to 10 business applications (let alone 200) can have a significant impact on virtual collaboration outside of internet bandwidth.

Meeting participants are fallible and can forget where important meeting documents and information are stored, become unengaged, and waste time and resources in navigating through apps. Spotlight solves this problem by incorporating all your applicable meeting tools in the same interface as your video. This includes the ability to add any important documents, take minutes in real time, record the full meeting or individual snippets, and capture chat in the messenger. All this information is accessible before, during, or after the meeting takes place. Having all the tools you need in the same application keeps participants aligned, involved, and up to date.

An Agenda Goes a Long Way for Efficient Virtual Board Meetings

Video engagement stats show poorly organized meetings without an agenda done the right way are a leading cause of time and resources lost. Boardable created a dynamic agenda tool that allows meeting facilitators to properly prepare, strategize, and deliver a clear meeting framework that keeps attendees on track. You can even build your own templates or use some of our most successful templates if you so choose.

Boardable is committed to creating a productive and efficient meeting environment regardless of your geographical location, team or organization structure, and industry. If you would like to give any of these Spotlight features a try, we offer a 14-day free trial that will grant you full access to the premium features discussed in this article.

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