Product Insider: Driving Value with a Customer-Influenced Platform

Boardable is a customer-influenced product. Most of the new features that you see stem from listening to our community. The pain points we’re solving for created the foundation for our platform. From the very start, we’ve listened to our customers to navigate where we go next.

We are incredibly lucky to have customers who enjoy collaborating with us. We’ve often asked the question in customer interviews: If you were participating in a roundtable with our Product Team, what new features or enhancements would you bring to the table? It is unbelievable how many overarching themes we see in their answers.

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Importance of Product Research

The most important reason we conduct research is to unearth customer sentiment. At a fast-paced software company, we often see our own personal biases start to creep in, which can impact our decision-making. While it’s critical for us to act quickly to drive innovation, we also strive to find the necessary balance between intuition and unbiased research.

We recently conducted a 20-person research study of nonprofit and for-profit business leaders to determine what struggles we can help alleviate during the new normal. The research found that respondents struggled with the following:

  • Creating a productive board environment: preparing and organizing board meetings, building relationships, fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.
  • Eliminating technology hurdles: simplifying hardware and software tools.
  • Gaps in information and communication: board meeting outcomes and next steps, organization, record keeping, strategic planning and execution, difficulty finding information.

Navigating a Maze of Apps

We understand that an organization works with a maze of apps to improve productivity. A typical Boardable customer utilizes messaging apps, cloud storage tools, project management software, virtual conferencing apps, and usually various versions of each. According to a recent study by Cornell University, professionals spend 59 minutes a day simply looking for information trapped within tools and applications. The variety of apps intended to increase productivity actually contributes up to five hours a week of being unproductive due to this issue. (Ironic, don’t you think?)

An All-Encompassing Board Meeting Experience

To make Boardable an even more robust, all-in-one platform, we created Boardable Spotlight, designed to promote effective, engaging meetings. Our proprietary suite of tools supports all stages of the board meeting lifecycle, a first in the board management space.

We realized from our research that in order to foster better communication and productivity, software needs to focus on the pre-meeting and post-meeting experience with as much granularity as the board meeting itself. With Spotlight, your entire board, committee, or team can actively participate in the meeting – look at the same documents, record votes and tasks, and collaborate with one another, all on one screen. Say g’bye to screen hopping.


Product Insider is a series that focuses on new features and enhancements, built to address the real pain points of our customers. The collaborative relationships with our users enable us to provide impactful, valuable solutions, which ultimately benefit their mission-driven organizations.