Product Insider: Making Board Meetings Accessible, Productive, and Impactful

At Boardable, we believe that a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives makes a board stronger. We also believe no one should feel limited in their ability to serve their organization through web applications. For this reason, we launched Accessibility, a built-in widget that allows you to customize the Boardable interface to your preferred specifications. Accessibility helps accommodate various needs including auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, visual impairments, and temporary disabilities. According to Userway, in the United States alone there are:

  • more than 8 million people with visual impairments
  • more than 7 million people who are hearing impaired
  • more than 2 million people who have seizures or epilepsy
  • almost 20 million people who are mobility impaired

In addition to proactively making Boardable more accessible, we’ve continually optimized the platform for productivity, so board meetings become more impactful. After speaking to our customers about their interactions with Spotlight, a one-screen video meeting experience, we decided to add the Meeting Recording feature with other enhancements, such as Mute All for administrators and collaborators, and keyboard shortcuts for turning on/off your microphone and camera (when internet bandwidth becomes an issue).

Promoting Productive Board Meetings

In the virtual and hybrid meeting environment, it’s increasingly difficult to retain information, but it’s not because the virtual meeting itself is unproductive. It’s more likely due to the fact that both attendees and administrators alike have trouble switching between a multitude of applications. To make matters worse, information retention is extremely difficult in a virtual setting without having the ability to revisit that information at a later time.

Boardable solves this issue by including all the tools you need in its board management platform. Many of our customers still use the platform to supplement their existing tech stack, instead of as an all-in-one solution. We know that our customers and board members will continue utilizing other applications they’ve grown accustomed to, and that switching between them during meetings is at times unavoidable. Meeting Recording provides a source of truth for board members that could be accessed at any time.

Boardable is the most accessibility-compliant board management software in market.

The technology that is supposed to make life easier can sometimes seem to complicate things further, and we strive to combat that. Our recent updates and enhancements make Boardable the most accessibility-compliant (WCAG and ADA) board management platform available and empower all users to participate fully in board meetings. Visit our webpage to learn more about Accessibility.


Product Insider is a series that focuses on new features and enhancements, built to address the real pain points of our customers. The collaborative relationships with our users enable us to provide impactful, valuable solutions, which ultimately benefit their mission-driven organizations.

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