Product Insider: The New Normal for Boards

The digitization of board operations became reality for most in the past year due to the havoc of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organizations that struggled to adapt utilized together multiple business apps that each serve a different purpose, and none of which fully integrate with each other: e-signatures, document storage, virtual conferencing, agenda builders, schedulers, polls, task management, and the list continues. 

Besides being expensive, cobbling together applications that weren’t made for boards (or a lot of times each other) leads to confusion, information loss, and efficiency nightmares. We recently surveyed data from more than 900 Boardable users to see the actions they were taking to stay ahead of the digital curve. This is what we found to be the new normal for board meetings.


Board Meetings Are Hybrid or Remote

Hybrid meetings make life easier. Reduced travel means reduced costs, because it allows board members to adequately prepare and attend meetings from anywhere. When done the right way, virtual board meetings greatly improve governance within the organization, agenda development, presentations that everyone can see and hear, and diversity of board members from their respective locations. Boardable users also reported that the inclusion of members with disabilities has improved greatly through advancements in board management platform accessibility – and we applaud that being the new normal for boards!

Board Meeting Collaboration


Efficient Board Meetings Start with Ample Preparation

“Pre-work” has never been easier than it is today. Board management platforms like Boardable incorporate secure communication and document-sharing tools that promote collaboration, visibility, and feedback. When you let board members weigh in well ahead of time, you create an environment to provide key insights and resolutions during the meeting itself. Once your board feels confident they can utilize the virtual conference for strictly mission-critical work, such as fiduciary responsibilities and outstanding items, you’ve found the right balance in pre-meeting prep. 


A Simple Agenda Is the Most Understated Aspect of a Successful Meeting

Building a structured agenda has virtually no learning curve with today’s technology. While there’s nothing new about agendas, creating them at a regular frequency for all types of meetings is a new normal for boards. Boardable users have created 3,858 unique agendas in the last 30 days. It’s no secret that meetings without meaning and purpose are kryptonite to a board’s productivity. Agendas allow meeting participants to focus on the subject at hand, rather than navigating through ad-hoc and often disorganized information. We recently released a free agenda building tool called Agendas by Boardable that serves as a solution to the organization, team, or committee that needs formality to their meeting structure. 


Board Management Platforms Should be Built for Engagement

Nonverbal communication during virtual collaboration is critical, and Boardable makes that possible in Spotlight. Seeing meeting participants’ facial expressions helps to establish trust and grow connection. It also ensures focus on the speaker and agenda. This type of engagement is a new normal for boards (and really, anyone who’ll be working in the metaverse to come) with essential materials and everyone visible in one place. Successful governance requires trust and effort from every member, but discussing business items only — as productive as that may seem — is not the path to get you there. Incorporating the appropriate amount of time to check in with each other personally allows you to build relationships, and relationships serve as the foundation of your board. During stressful and isolated times, this theme is more important than ever to achieve your overarching mission. 


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