Introducing Our New Product Support Specialist, Kara O’Neil

When you think about a software product like Boardable, of course you consider how much work goes into creating the platform and supporting the customers. But in between, there is a lot of delicate work done by our Product Support Team. Meet Kara, our newest addition to the group that is constantly looking for ways to make our board portal more intuitive, more simple, and more user-friendly.

A Pattern of Simplifying the Complex

Kara came to Boardable with a lot of experience in supporting complex and diverse customers. As a Product Development and Support Manager at YUM! Restaurant International (parent company of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut), Kara travelled the world helping new markets understand the product and how to produce it. She became known for her “calm enthusiasm,” delighting in tackling complex problems.

“I have a can-do spirit. I love to take complex information and make it simple in a way that people aren’t intimidated by it.”

Not only did Kara help all kinds of business markets adapt to new products, she also traveled the world with her team. Trips to Thailand, Australia, China, and Poland were regular stops on her work schedule. This broad cultural and collaborative experience helps her relate to Boardable customers in 25 countries.

Boardable product support specialist Kara O'Neil on a business trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

Kara traveled to Bangkok, Thailand during her work in food product support.



“I feel a lot of the same enthusiasm and excitement at Boardable that I felt in my international team. There is so much energy to help our customers and get the job done well.”

Business Experience Coupled with Nonprofit Work

Kara has extensive product support experience, but she has also seen the nonprofit side of work. Prior to coming to Boardable, she worked at a nonprofit in Indianapolis that provides a food bank and vocational training through food preparation for the needy. She loved the feeling of giving back and found the nonprofit mission very rewarding. Always loving complexity, Kara also enjoyed seeing both sides of the nonprofit – both the food collection and the distribution to those who needed it most.

At the same time, she experienced first hand some of the challenges every nonprofit struggles with. Kara felt the communication at the nonprofit was sometimes out of balance. Certain areas of the mission would get much more exposure than others, causing challenges for those in under-publicized parts of the nonprofit. This desire to help nonprofits perform more effectively fuels her work at Boardable.

Boardable product support specialist Kara O'Neil in her native Indiana.

Kara was born and raised in Indiana, home of Boardable.


Ambition Balanced with Artistry

Kara has big plans for her position at Boardable. She has devoted herself to learning the ins and outs of client support articles, in-app chat assistance, barriers to quick adoption, and more.

“I want us to be the gold standard. I want people to look at us and say, ‘That’s how you onboard new users. That’s how you train people, that’s how you coach.”

To balance out this ambitious nature, Kara has a highly artistic side. When she isn’t contemplating how to distill complex processes into easy-to-understand concepts, she enjoys making embroidery art by painting with watercolors and stitching over it. One of her pieces was recently featured in a well-known small artwork show. She is also a trained chef and loves to bake and cook for her family. We are thrilled to have such a talented team member join the Boardable crew!

Boardable product support specialist Kara O'Neil does embroidery over watercolor artwork in her free time.

Embroidery over watercolors, one of Kara O’Neil’s hobbies in her free time.


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