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Product Update: Minutes Maker & Task Manager

We often hear from nonprofit board administrators that meeting recording and task follow through are a constant challenge. We listened, and have added two new tools for addressing these problems. The Minutes Maker and Task Manager round out the core feature set of Boardable’s meeting management experience. Set your board up for success by creating an effective agenda with our Agenda Builder, then follow up and hold your board members accountable with our Minutes Maker and Task Manager.

Meeting Follow Up and Accountability

First, we designed the Agenda Builder, enabling board admins to set up a simple and streamlined meeting. After they have outlined, published, and distributed the agenda to attendees, the agenda turns into a tool for enhanced board accountability. The Minutes Maker and Task Manager make that engagement easy.

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Minutes Maker

Make the best use of your secretary or admin’s time with our Minutes Maker. Rather than scrambling to write down the topics and order of the meeting, the admin can simply open the already-created agenda and click “Take Minutes.” Instantly, data fields open under each agenda item. Record points of discussion as notes. Denote any votes or decisions with a green highlight for distinction. Outline tasks assigned, along with a due date and person responsible.

Boardable minutes maker

Not only are meetings easy to scan over later for notes, decisions, and tasks, you can save the minutes in the meeting center. Once all adjustments have been made and recorded, simply publish and share the minutes with whomever needed. Access them in the Meetings Center, grouped with the appropriate meeting details. Email minutes as a PDF as needed, and save them in the Document Center for reference.

Task Manager 

During a meeting, it is common for great ideas to be thrown around, with good intentions to follow through. How do you help board members keep track of what they promised, and keep making progress between meetings? The Task Manager solves these problems elegantly. Minutes Maker captures tasks assigned during each meeting. The list of tasks populates in three different places:

  • Individual Dashboard – Each user will see a list of his or her personal tasks. These may have been assigned in a meeting or independently by an account admin. Every time they log into Boardable, they will be able to check their status and check off any completed tasks.
  • Tasks Tab – By clicking on this feature, admins can sort tasks by the meeting, the person, or status. This is ideal for checking task status from the last meeting before preparing for the next one, or verifying which individuals still have outstanding tasks.
  • Meeting Center – Tasks designated during the meeting are recorded along with the agenda, minutes, and meeting details. When looking at the summary of the meeting, the admin can see what tasks were assigned to whom. They will also show up in the minutes, exactly where they were established.

Boardable task manager

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Comprehensive Tools

Our new Minutes Maker and Task Manager features are designed to help you make the most of your nonprofit board meetings. Please send us your feedback about how they work for you. We look forward to making future features help you enrich board engagement even more.

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