WEBINAR REPLAY: Key Secrets to Overcoming Fundraising Barriers

We talk a lot about board engagement at Boardable, because we believe an engaged board is vital to the health of a nonprofit. We also have a lot of blog posts and webinars on fundraising, since it is such a challenging area for organizations. But where do the two topics intersect? We were excited to explore the topic of removing fundraising barriers with a fundraising expert, Claire Axelrad.

Overcoming Fundraising Barriers

Watch our replay of an informative webinar full of actionable advice on how to get your nonprofit board involved in fundraising like never before. Learn how to remove their fear-based barriers around fundraising and help your nonprofit organization thrive.


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During this webinar, here are a few topics related to fundraising barriers that we discussed with Claire:

  • What a “culture of philanthropy” means for your organization
  • The most common fears board members have around fundraising
  • How to guide an established board toward new thoughts and behaviors
  • Actionable advice for cultivating passion for development on your board

Check out Claire’s slide deck used in the webinar. It is chock full of interesting statistics and step-by-step methods for overcoming your board’s reservations about philanthropy.

Download Slide Deck

About Our Guest

Claire Axelrad helped various San Francisco area nonprofits raise millions of dollars as a staff member before starting her own fundraising consulting business in 2011. She was named “Outstanding Fundraising Professional of the Year” by AFP and her blog has been awarded “Top Fundraising Blog” by Fundraising Success. In addition to teaching courses and doing speeches on fundraising, she is a featured expert for AFP, Bloomerang, Donor Search, Nonprofit Hub, Network for Good, and others. Learn more about Claire by visiting her website at clairification.com.

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