WEBINAR REPLAY: Strengthening Nonprofits with a Business Approach

Why do nonprofits have a culture of martyrdom, scarcity, and survival? Why don’t they have clear value propositions and struggle for donations? These are some of the questions Donald Summers of Altruist Partners tackles in this informative webinar.


Listen as we discuss the following:

  • Why nonprofits should use business terms – the language of their board members’ daily lives, their corporate sponsors, and many of their donors
  • The benefits and general process of developing a business plan for a philanthropic organization
  • How nonprofits can diversify their revenue streams beyond donations, to achieve accelerated growth
  • What a value proposition for a nonprofit looks like
  • How to create dashboards that keep donors, board members, and staff in touch with goals and outcomes

Downloads for You

The slide presentation used in the webinar is available for download here

During the presentation, Donald offered listeners access to the business plan Altruist Partners helped a nonprofit called Treehouse Seattle produce. Here is the link to that material, and more. You will need the password: AmbitiousForGood!

More About Donald Summers, CEO at Altruist Partners

Donald worked extensively in development at several universities before founding Altruist Partners 13 years ago. A passion for helping nonprofits think about their finances and growth the way a Fortune 500 company might fueled his research on the process Altruist Partners use with their clients. Incredibly, he and his team help nonprofits increase revenue and impact by an average of 25%. 

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