Meet Boardable’s New Sales Administrator, Tyler Schmitt

As Boardable has grown to more than 25 countries, we realized that we needed someone to come on board who would help support our business development team. After all, having a basic understanding of our potential customer needs, organizational structure, board challenges, and goals is a full-time job. Now, that job is Tyler Schmitt’s.

A Passion for Scaling Business

Tyler’s most recent position was as the general manager of a house cleaning service. He wore many hats in this position, including quality control, customer communication, and marketing of the business. His enthusiasm for understanding his customers helped him grow the business in record time. In just seven months he increased their monthly recurring customers from 250 up to 650. At Boardable, we knew that kind of passion for scaling growth would be a perfect fit for our growing software platform.

It’s one thing to grow the demand for a service that quickly, but Tyler was also responsible for finding a sustainable way to provide a quality product. He is especially proud of pivoting the business’s hiring approach to work with more minority and non English-speaking employees.

“Not only were we able to provide good paying jobs to hard-working immigrant employees, we were able to meet the growing demand for our quality house cleaning service. It was a win-win for our employees, the business, and our customers.”

Tyler’s ability to see all sides of a challenge and look for creative solutions will no doubt help Boardable grow, too.

Firsthand Nonprofit Board Observations

Tyler Schmitt Boardable Sales Administrator

Tyler, right, in the Bloomington Symphony.

Prior to managing residential cleaning, Tyler was a professional trombonist. As he played in orchestras across the Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati areas, he worked for various nonprofit musical organizations. The organizations weren’t always the most healthy. Tyler experienced firsthand the kind of dysfunction that can happen when the board of directors doesn’t work well together. There were sometimes disruptive and abrupt staff changes. In the worst cases, sometimes the musicians’ pay would be delayed while the board sorted out some internal drama. Tyler learned a lot about how important a healthy nonprofit board is:

“I realized it doesn’t matter what the mission of the nonprofit is if the board is ineffective.”

His business experience combined with his exposure to healthy and less healthy nonprofits came together when he was hired at Boardable. Tyler says he is excited to “join the momentum of Boardable and help accelerate growth, while also helping boards improve.”

A Well-Rounded Hire

Outside of business, we already mentioned Tyler’s extensive musical talent. He can be found playing around Indianapolis with various bands. Additionally, he loves hiking and camping and being outdoors. In the Boardable office, we ask everyone how long they’d want to be alone and “off the grid” in the woods. As much as he loves nature, his answer was “about one day.”

Tyler Schmitt Boardable Sales Administrator

Tyler at the Grand Canyon

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