San Francisco Achievers: A CASE STUDY

If you talked to Duane Wilson, the first thing you might notice is his passion and pride in his work as Executive Director of San Francisco Achievers. The mission of San Francisco Achievers is to reduce the opportunity gap of African-American young men in San Francisco high schools through support, mentoring, and college scholarships. Duane’s admiration of the resiliency he sees in the community SFA serves is evident in everything he does. You can see his pride in the video of actual San Francisco Achievers below. At Boardable, we are honored to help organizations like SFA do more great work.


Growth Requires Better Communication

SFA started in 2008 by granting scholarships to 6 young men, before officially becoming a 501(c)3 in 2011.. By 2017, they were able to award 32 scholarships! Duane became the Executive Director in 2018, and quickly saw the value in more coordination among the board members.

“We believe that collaboration and transparency are the keys to building a sustainable organization and Boardable allows San Francisco Achievers to continue to grow and serve our resilient youth more effectively.”

Nonprofit boards are comprised of busy professionals, making centralized document storage and communication a critical need. Using Boardable, board members can easily prepare for meetings by reviewing documents associated with a particular meeting, or those designated for the member’s specific committee or group. The new mobile app makes preparation on-the-go a snap, too. Arriving five minutes early to an appointment might give a busy board member just enough time to review the agenda of an upcoming board meeting and make note of any research to do beforehand.

“As board members are often working professionals, having a consistent place that notifies not only when there is a meeting, but also a secure space to access the related documents in order to prepare is truly a game changer. For us, when in doubt on being prepared, it’s easy just to say, ‘Check Boardable.'”

A Variety of Uses

San Francisco Achievers has a main board of 11 board members. The board meets once a month, but has three committees that also meet monthly or as needed. The Groups feature of Boardable allows Duane and other key members to segment the information relevant just to each committee, as well as each board meeting. He finds the Polls and Task Manager features help board members get more done in between meetings, as well.

“We use Boardable to have a unified calendar of events, share committee documents and to pole for votes and opinions while keeping the discussion section topically focused.  It allows us to have our documents ready for each general board and committee meeting and follow up on action items from our meeting minutes.”

As San Francisco Achievers grows to provide scholarships, mentors, and internships to even more young African-American men in the Bay Area, an efficient board dynamic becomes even more important. Duane plans to use the Boardable features to keep things moving along:  “The Document Center provides the most value as it keeps the continuity of minutes, reports and organizational materials in a central location that is easily accessible to appropriate members and personnel.”

case study of san francisco achievers and boardable

Heartfelt Work Is a Joy to Support

Duane’s excitement for SFA’s future is inspiring. He said about his hiring, I am excited to build a relationship with each of you as we show the world what can truly happen with compassion, integrity, and innovation in championing our youth.” The Boardable team is proud to support SFA by helping Duane and his team do their best work possible. With feedback from real-life board software users like Duane, the product will continue to improve the nonprofit board experience.

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