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Your nonprofit has been helping the community well, but perhaps there are areas where you know you could be more efficient. Meeting planning takes forever. Board members can never find the document they need to prepare for a meeting when they want to. Between meetings, no one knows where initiatives stand or what they promised to do between meetings. Don’t worry, we have a feature level for you!

Whether your board is simply looking for a better board experience or is ready to really professionalize board operations, Boardable has a feature level that is right for your needs and your budget.

Boardable allows you to choose the feature level you need at a price that's comfortable. Check out our three new feature packages today!

The Essentials– Perfect for Improving Board Life

We designed the Essentials level of Boardable to have everything you need to make board service easier, more efficient, and less time consuming. It includes all the tools necessary to not only plan a meeting, but also to share documents in a central location, divide members up by their relevant groups, track tasks between meetings, vote online, and much more.

But meeting planning is just the beginning of how our platform helps nonprofits. For just $79/month, nonprofit boards at this feature level have access to all the meeting planning suite, PLUS our new features: Goals and Reports. Using these features, boards can now pick a goal to track on their dashboard, keeping everyone up-to-date on where important plans stand. That goal could be a monetary milestone, a percentage goal, or a numerical value. Simply select your goal and specify a timeline, and you will see that goal on your dashboard every time you sign into Boardable. With Reports, organizations are able to run as much as a 3-month report of a variety of metrics. These reports can be about attendance of the whole board (or an individual), task completion, goal progress, meeting preparation, and more.

Essentials truly has all the tools your board needs to turn a scattered, disorganized, disengaged board into a well-oiled machine.

The Professional Plan– Board Performance at an Elite Level

If your board has a high level of engagement already, you may be looking for ways to take this group to a more professional board experience. With the Professional plan feature level, you not only get all the board management tools of Essentials, but for a base price of $199 per month, your organization gets UNLIMITED goal tracking, and reporting. That means you can have individual board member goals, committee goals, board goals, and so on. All of these goals running at the same time help your stakeholders be as ambitious as they want. Additionally, the reports can be run for the last month, quarter, year, or since you started using Boardable. This means not only more clarity around progress and trends, but the ability to assess where an intervention or more education may be needed.

Unlimited goals and reports aren’t the only tools for success that come with a Professional level of Boardable. Subscribers in this tier also have a dedicated customer success manager to help them every step of the way. This team of software experts and nonprofit thought partners are assigned to help organizations with everything from getting the whole board using Boardable to best practices for achieving organizational objectives. The Customer Success team is available for troubleshooting technical or billing questions that arise, and to provide you with valuable tips and tricks for making the board experience better with Boardable. Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise accounts all have access to the monthly Customer Success webinars, help articles, newsletters, and more.

Enterprise– For Organizations That Need a Custom Fit

Some nonprofits have unique needs that might not fit in the Essentials or Professionals level. For those that need a custom fit, we offer the Enterprise option. This tailored approach is ideal for very large organizations, those that have different chapter levels and might need separate Boardable accounts, or an other specialized organizational structure that requires a custom feature level plan. If you think this may describe your account needs, our team is happy to work with you to find the right solution with a simple price quote. Most of these plans will include everything available in the Professional plan, with special allowances for unique needs.

A Simple Solution, Simply Delivered

The goal of Boardable’s new feature level options is to allow you to pick exactly the amount of features you need at a price point that’s comfortable.

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