Etiquette Guide: Social Media for Sororities and Fraternities

Social media is for sharing, but there’s always a danger of sharing too much! Social media for sororities and fraternities is a great method for fundraising, recruiting and sharing their good works. For example, the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity uses social media to educate college students about sexual assault prevention. The fraternity even teamed with Alpha Delta Pi sorority to provide that education via YouTube. Done well, social media can be a force for good.

social media for sororities and fraternities

Together, these two Greek organizations have 36,000 members, and both organizations are effectively using social media for announcements, press releases, and engagement to conduct fundraising for the effort. At a national level, SigEp and ADPi got their social media campaign right. They engaged local chapters but also built on a “higher calling” initiative, the White House’s “It’s On Us” campaign.

Social Media for Sororities and Fraternities: Do’s and Don’t

If you’re not thinking of your national Greek organization as a business, you should be. In that context, there are many “don’ts” for social media. Use this litmus test: would I post this for my business? If the answer is “no”, then you probably shouldn’t post it for your sorority or fraternity either.

The first rule is to keep cute kitten postings at an absolute minimum. Just kidding! But seriously, don’t get into post overload mode. You’re a business, remember? So, you need a plan for your social media posts and a schedule so that you are in control of your posts. You need a content strategy for your posts. A general rule of thumb for Facebook is one to five posts per day for engagement. Don’t turn off your users by posting too often.

Don’t try to conquer all social media channels either. Choose one platform and become the master of your domain. Many people make the mistake of quantity, then not have time to update all the channels, so they’re left with many neglected outlets that make you look like you’re not serious about your causes. Perhaps start with Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest and once you’ve mastered that, branch out to Twitter for quick updates.

On the other hand, you don’t want to be a post ghost town. Don’t let two or three months go by before you post again. It gives the impression you are not that serious about your organization. Social media for sororities and fraternities largely hinges on one factor: consistency.

Don’t Ignore the Fans

Be sure to respond to all comments that are made on your posts. This is a great way to engage your membership across the nation. Also, keep in mind that social media provides a tremendous opportunity to reach people outside of your Greek organization. Your members already know that philanthropy is at the heart of nearly all Greek organizations, but people who have never been in a fraternity or sorority may not realize that. Using social media lets members take pride in your organization by spreading the word to their non-Greek friends, and one of those post comments just might be from a non-Greek donor who likes your message and wants to help out in a big way. You can set expectations like “usually responds within 24 hours,” but always respond.

Your national Greek organization has a brand that exemplifies what your organization stands for. Don’t use inconsistent branding on your social media pages. Make sure that all your social channels are consistent, and make sure that your local chapters are following branding guidelines. Donors want to donate to a professional organization, so you must look the part.

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A Long-Term Commitment

SigEp and ADPi did it right. They created a national awareness and took a leadership role in the fight against campus sexual assaults to ultimately make campuses safer. They made a long-term commitment to social media and regularly updated their content to stay on message. And they didn’t post one cute kitten. You need to do the same! With a little work, social media for sororities and fraternities can be your most powerful tool.

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