Need a Youth Sports Organization Board Guide?

Sports Organization Board Communication Guide

When you’re running a kids’ soccer team, softball league, or other sports organization board, you’re primed to expect the unexpected. That said, how are you communicating with the team, parents, and your fellow organizers? If 2020 is the year to raise your game, consider these three tips. Here’s to a winning season!

Youth sports organization boards need to be extra careful to have effective communication strategies. Boardable has tips and

1. Keep Parents in the Loop.

This is probably the most important step for a sports organization board to define ahead of time. When change is coming, think about an early heads-up to the parents as well as to coaches and fans. Letting parents know what will happen as soon as you foresee it will set the stage for a smooth transition. Encourage and respond to feedback, even while being clear why and how certain shifts must occur.

Is the change a matter of players’ safety? Is it to follow new laws or rules? Parents want to know. Even if they’re not thrilled with the change, they’ll usually accept a sensible rationale.

Youth sports Board associations need a reliable protocol for:

  • Early announcements and explanations
  • Late schedule changes and requests
  • Emergency response communications

Add a word to the parents about where they can look up club polices. Your website is perfect for this, while email, text and social media are good channels to send readers to your site for more. Use layers of messaging, to reach your busy audiences.

2. Put Technology to Work for You, Your Volunteers, and Your Teams.

When there’s a go-to spot for all the information, energy isn’t sucked up in time-consuming hunts for these vital details:

  • Access to the season’s calendar and adjustments. If you don’t have this already, consider creating one hub to manage team schedules. Have an organized, secure, and well-updated site that introduces the community to your sports organization board and team and lets them sign up for specific leagues—and lets you keep track of registrations and payments, announcements, and reminders.
  • Training notes. Training is dependent on continual communication between mentor and player. Use a secure software system both sides can see for training notes. Wellness questionnaires can support this mission. Personalized surveys can establish and record indicators about young athletes’ performance, recovery, and development. Researched references can provide a sound planning context. Review and adjust plans as needed. During coaching, players can follow up with more questions and fuller responses.

Everyone wants to know how to be supportive in your players’ success. Today’s technology can make it happen elegantly.

3. Plan Events to Keep Communication Alive and Kicking.

Plan fun as well as games! Consider group outings for refreshments and fun. Bowling or bumper cars are perfect for building a cohesive community around your sports organization board and team. Look for a spot that caters to all diets (such as vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free) and announce that—so no one feels forgotten or anxious.

Carpool or set up a bus for events. Like sharing a feast, sharing a ride is a chance for athletes and supporters to bond. It is also a great way to get everyone updated on news.

Team Up with Sports Organization Board Tools to Take Your League to the Next Level

Careful planning and preparation for your youth sports board of directors can not only strengthen your organization, but encourage others to want to join. By providing a reliable and efficient system of communication, everyone will want to be part of your planning team!

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