Spotlight – A Virtual Meeting Platform for Boards and Teams

Ever experienced this virtual or hybrid meeting disaster?

There are six people invited to the meeting you organized. One of them can’t find the meeting invitation that has the Zoom link in it. Another hasn’t integrated his personal calendar with the account where you sent the meeting details, so he is ten minutes late to the meeting. Two other people get into the meeting, but spend half the time trying to click between the agenda tab, the budget spreadsheet tab, the video app, and checking their email. Someone else has strict network security settings through for their work laptop and can’t use Zoom at all. Your carefully planned meeting is now a distracted, inefficient scramble..

There is a better way.

Introducing Boardable Spotlight

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Let’s have a do-over of that same meeting.

You invite everyone to the meeting in your organization’s Boardable account. In the Meeting Center, each person now has the time, date, and documents in one place. Even better, with Spotlight, they don’t need a link, a password, another app, or anything else to attend a virtual meeting. All they have to do is click “Join Video Call” and everyone is instantly together.


Without using email, third-party video tools, or a document tab, everyone is now in the same video meeting, looking at the same documents.

Only organizations on the Professional and Enterprise Plan have the ability to invite guests to meetings with video conferencing. Guest attendees do need a Boardable account and guests cannot view or download meeting files.

A virtual board room for the hybrid era

Your meeting attendees click to join and they are in the virtual board room. Not only do they each have a video window with the ability to raise a hand to speak, screen share, and manage the microphone and camera, they also have all their needed documents embedded in the Boardable platform.


Notice that agenda on the left? All the attendees in your meeting are able to look at the meeting documents without ever needing another tab. The document panel can be expanded to the right to make the documents bigger.

the row of icons on the left allows attendees to:

  • Access the meeting agenda
  • Take meeting minutes live from the agenda
  • Click over to any other attached meeting documents
  • Participate in a chat with other meeting attendees
  • Look at meeting details
  • Access dial in information


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We designed this feature specifically to make nonprofit meetings better. Yes, video is great for remote meetings. However, Spotlight is a great tool for in-person meetings, too! Whether only a few members are attending virtually, or everyone is in the same room, the shared documents and common experience improve all types of meetings.

Accessibility for all meeting attendees improves with the ability to attend from anywhere, follow along visually, aurally, and through text materials. The many methods of interaction in Spotlight can help support your diversity and inclusion standards, while improving meetings for everyone.

Cut out the hassle – and distractions – with Spotlight

With all your meeting documents in the same panel as your video and audio, now your attendees can focus on the discussion and not on hunting for documents. Still want to screen share for something that isn’t in your meeting documents? No problem! Anyone in the meeting can share their screen, which will show up in the main video panel. For more details of how Spotlight works, check out our help article.

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